Sunday, October 8, 2017

Harvest Moon Grandeur

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more.” 
– John Burroughs

When my balance is off due to overload, nature is one of my healers. The other night, October 5th, while driving home from errands, I was struck by the glow of an amazingly beautiful full moon against the darkened sky. It was such a stunning autumn moon that I wanted to stop the car and just stare at its brilliance. That was not an option so I kept driving, noticing how the moon changed from a clear, huge circle to slices that poked through the trees.  What I witnessed was a rare sight, an October harvest moon that was reported to be the first in almost a decade. The feeling of being on high overload dissipated as I arrived home thanks to this natural wonder so I celebrate nature's ability to restore balance to my day. 

Headlines and images of the harvest moon awaited me when I returned home. I was so excited by what I saw that I searched the internet for information about this phenomenon. 

Photo by Cristina @cri_stina2000, Long Island

Below is my found poem created from selected words in the Wonderopolis, Wonder of the Day
#1282, What Makes The Moon Look Orange

Rest assured that 
tonight's Harvest Moon
touched the horizon
brilliantly glowing
in full color 
against a blackened sky.
Angling my head to
catch its moon beams,
thoughts swirled into a
composition of gratitude.
Was I spinning on an axis
awed by a celestial sight?
Was this sphere of brilliance, 
full in face, rare in appearance, 
the decade's show stopper?
The night sky's celebration
lay scattered among headlines.
Shine on Harvest Moon!

Shine on Harvest Moon by Ruth Etting (1931)

Today, I celebrate moonglow and its ability to bring balance joy and balance to life. I also celebrate the glow of my grandbaby's smile. She lights up a room almost as grand as the moon lights up the night sky. 

Each week Ruth Ayres invites all to celebrate the positives. I join her today as I fly out to Tuscon for the NCFL 2017 Conference. 

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