Monday, April 1, 2019

April Foolery

It's April 1st and that does mean it's April Fools' Day.  I remember my mother always starting off the morning with a bit of foolery.  It was so much fun that my children would giggle over the things Grandma said. Now it's nature's turn to play a trick. 

I woke up during early morning and was surprised to see the trees swaying at a rapid speed.  The howling was faint and the sun looked like it wanted to peek. Still groggy from not enough sleep, I crawled back into bed.  

Second round:  I woke to a bright April morning and stillness.  Naturally, I wondered if I really saw the wind sweeping across my neighborhood, so I opened the window and quickly closed it!  Eek!  It was winter-in-spring.  I turned on the news to hear weather words like brisk, chilly, winter-like.  What a trick of nature!

With nature and some digital tools, I conjured up what the original picture I saw could look like with trees swaying wildly pre-dawn.

Or perhaps, I contrived this scene as the sun appeared.

faint hint of winter 
march winds wind up monday -
april foolery
©CV, 2019

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