Tuesday, April 30, 2019


After an inspiring night of sweet as honey conversation with my poet friends and #NYEDChat colleagues, I sit still to relax. One half-hour of quick conversation has my head spinning and my heart racing. My thoughts swirl as I continue to #ThinkPoetry. With energy still high, I recall tweet after tweet, question, comment, response, fingers pounding keys at such a fast pace that I could not keep up. Is this not the process of moderating, keeping an even keel, making sure positivity floats through the conversation, and then, amidst guided talk, draw the chat to a sweet ending?

Through one direct message, I was able to bring together this amazing group of poetry friends to share the power of poetry at #NYEDChat. Many thanks to each and every one of them for helping me send out #poetrylove.

Now in the quiet of a house asleep, I compose my thoughts around nine paint chip colors to use as I #PlayWithPoetryNPM. Imagine lovely colors of spring in front of me, pushing me to include their vivid color swatches in my thoughts. Yellow shouts out "Sweet as Honey, Delicate Lace, and Raffia Ribbon." Orange chimes in with "Seed Pearl, Paper Heart, and Peachy Confection." White adds the luster with Honied WhitePolished Pearl, and Varnished Ivory. All these colors mix together to create a bouquet of ideas that I would like to blend into a poem for the close of #NationalPoetryMonth.

Created with Buncee

My mind fills with
unpolished pearl thoughts,
as delicate as wisps of 
honied white breath
stretching, ribboning
like raffia, gracefully
waiting to release
onto lacey landings
of glossy white paper.
In silence, I listen for
the muse of night
to polish my words
into confectioned wonder
and let them soar.
©CVarsalona, 2019
Thank you to my friend, Dr. Mary Howard for helping me understand how to archive #NYEDChat with the Wakelet app. Click here or use the QR code below to view the transcript.

Let my words soar right over to Two Writing Teachers for the Tuesday Slice of Life.


  1. Beautiful, Carol!! I love your approach of using color to inspire poetry. I have always wanted to write poetry, but am terrified of it. I am inspired, though, to try this with my son :-)

    1. Color always adds to to any occasion but paint chip poetry adds a new layer to my enthusiasm for writing. Don't be terrified by poetry. Think of it in this way: Everyone has a voice. Find your voice inside and let it soar by writing your feelings in free verse. Do try it with your son and let me know how it is.

    2. I just followed you on Twitter but see that you are not active. Hopefully, we will catch up on Two Writing Teachers.

  2. April went by whoosh. You have poems to keep memory of this April. I like your final thought: polish your words and let them soar.

    1. On my final thought: I polish until every speck shines but there is always something that can be improved upon. I had fun playing with poetry this month and will continue into May that is upon us today-"whoosh" is right. I'm hosting Spiritual Journey First Thursday tomorrow so I'm polishing my poem post tonight.

  3. Sorry I missed last night's chat. So many of my favorite poets were there. How do I access the chat on Wakelet? Your poem is a confectionary delight! See you tomorrow, Carol!

    1. Ramona, I am sorry that I did not attach the link. I tweeted it out but should have placed it here also. Thanks for reminding me to link up. I think I am ready for SJ1stT and may add it late tonight since I have a professional development program to run in one of the districts tomorrow.