Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Letter to Spring

Dear Spring,

I love you dearly
but your sunshine is merely
an in and out treat.
I request your time to meet.

Blooms ask for more buds
but not deluged with chance floods.
Perhaps, Chill can retreat
and Warmth add sweet heat.

Respectfully longing,
without prolonging, 
I send you greetings
for a chance meeting.

With Regards,
    -Help Wanted-
A Springtime Lover

This letter to Spring was written on Monday morning.  Perhaps, Spring listened to my requests because the sun appeared in the afternoon. 

I am joining Two Writing Teachers for the Tuesday Slice of Life 


  1. I like the rhythm of your poem and the rhyme in “longing/belonging.” Like you, I’m ready for spring. Hoping we don’t have snow this week!

    1. Thanks for joining me, Glenda. While I like winter and all its beauty, it is time for spring to shine. Once again, it is a gray day but that is okay. I hope you have more pictures of your trip to share.

  2. Verse light and airy
    Like a spring fairy

    ---so glad she responded and granted your wish! Enjoy your day in the sun. :)

    1. I like what you added as a response, Fran. There is a children's section of the botanical gardens near my daughter's house in Virginia. It is built for children with a fairy garden. Thanks for reminding me of it. While there is no sun again this morning, I plan on enjoying this day. Hope yours is wonderful.

  3. I love the mixed formats of letter / poem. Nice piece to share with your students.
    I too would like to write a note to spring - we had 68 on the weekend and yesterday and today was 30s and rain! Help!

    1. Okay so write that letter and include my 2nd one: we are now having cold temps and downpours. I know rain is part of spring but the cold-whew it is not what I expected. All is due to wacky weather across the states...Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Lovely poem, it expresses the desire for just a bit more so well and the chanciness (is that a word?) of the spring season!

    1. Celia, thank you for stopping by, I think for the first time so I welcome you. I appreciate your comment and pleased to tell you that my neighborhood is buzzing with thoughts of springtime. The sun is shining but the winds are strong, a strange phenomenon.