Thursday, May 2, 2019

Spirit of Spring!

Spring is upon us. Welcome to Spiritual Journey first Thursday. I am delighted to be the host for this month's gathering.  The topic I chose for the community to ponder is "Spirit of Spring" that breathes new life into the world. I have chosen to continue to #ThinkPoetry beyond National Poetry Month during the month of May. Join me by adding your offerings.
Part I
Found Poetry with Scripture Verses

Flowers appear on the earth:
the season of singing has come,
the cooling of doves is heard in our land.
(Song of Songs 2:12)
They waited for me as for showers and
drank in my words as the spring rain.
(Job 29:3)
Let my teaching fall like rain and
my word descend like dew,
like showers on new grass,
like abundant rain on tender plants. 
(Deuteronomy 32:2)

Part II
Paint Chip Poetry
(Color Choices to create a poem:  Breath of Spring, Fragrant Spruce, Green Energy, Grass Green, Green Mist, Green Sprinkle, Heartland, Herbal Green, Morning Dew, Misted Pollen,
Nature, Paradise Green, Spring Morning)
Morning sprinkles spring with sparkling dew.
Let us soak up the blessings!
Spruce trees fragrant the woodlands.
Let us smell the fresh aroma of spring!
The mist of falling rain caresses the Heartland.
Let us feel the blessings and
Be energized to fortify and renew
Hearts weary from winter's long sleep!

Nature's breath renews earth daily,
opening flowers on spring mornings,
coloring landscapes of grass green
as pollen dances in the breeze.
Life living moments unfold each day.
Let us burst with joy
as we uncover a herbal paradise
of springtime splendor!

Enjoy listening to two versions of the song, Indescribable.

What I learned from researching scripture and writing from the heart
about the spirit of spring. 
It is important to:
  • Give homage to our earth and the Lord for creating it
  • Turn to faith to nurture our souls as rain nourishes our planet earth
  • Believe in the spirit of spring for it will offer limitless possibilities if we reach out


  1. Dear Carol, I love this homage to spring! So much beauty in these words... I must say, though, I could do with less pollen dancing. I know it makes flowers and bees and eventually me happy... but, Sneeze! xo

  2. Irene, I love the bit of humor you threw in. I am allergic to pollen so I have seen a great deal of dancing of it, especially landing on my car's windshields. The interesting part is that I am on allergy pills so the sneezing is at a minimum but my eyes feel the effects. I thought that paint color chip had a very interesting title. Thank you for commenting and leading the group.

  3. Carol: Thank you for the beautiful spring images and for the freshness in your spring post. We are so blessed to see the earth renew itself... it's almost worth the sneezes! (It's the itchy eyes that drives me crazy!) Thank you so much for hosting! Blessings.

  4. Such beauty in spring and your post today. I was especially fond of:
    - Job 29:3 -
    " They waited for me as for showers and
    drank in my words as the spring rain."s
    Thanks for hosting our beautiful May Journey.

  5. Replies
    1. I hope your seasons are filled with joy, Ruth. Thank you for linking up with us all the way from Haiti.

  6. Ah! the wonder of spring. So much celebration in your post, Carol. Love your found poem, especially "Let my teaching fall like rain." That is my "teacher prayer."

  7. Linking up late, but finally here. Thanks, Carol, for your lovely poems. I especially like these words:
    " Flowers appear on the earth:
    the season of singing has come,"
    Your words may have inspired me to recall the hymn, "God Is Love."

    1. That's Wonderful, Ramona! Scripture inspired me to record resonating verses and one of them may have inspired your posting of "God Is Love". When I went to your post, I see why you were inspired. Flowers are just one of the many spring gifts that make the season a joyous one. God is loving as seen by what He created for earth's residents.