Friday, May 24, 2019

Invitation to Salute Spring

Each spring, the peony bush sits quietly in a dark bed of soil waiting for its lush foliage to spread. Amidst the noise of garden mowers and clanking garden tools, it slowly awakens to springtimes tunes of chirping birds. Morning greetings filter the air as the bright blue sky quickly fills with gushing grayish rain. Soil soaked with nourishing raindrops, watches pollen blankets being washed away. Then, as the rain slows down, peony branches bow in reverence for Mother Nature's gift. Earth fills with the splendor of spring and the peony bush dressed in deep green allows its red buds to slowly open. Perhaps, tomorrow will be the day that the dress rehearsal opens to a springtime showcase.

Dress rehearsal:

though mine
I hesitate to pluck
the peonies

As I prepare for a Memorial Day barbecue, I reflect:

in the stillness
Between the arrival of guests,
The peonies.

I wonder how long I will have to wait for my peonies to salute spring. Will I ever be able to write of my beautiful peony in the simplistic manner of the 17th-19th century Japanese poets from the Endo period? 

what peonies!
one poem per flower
will not do

Please join me at the hashtag, #SpringSplendorGallery, on Twitter to share your image poems, haikus, nature photos, musical compositions, artwork, and inspirational quotes on the splendor of spring.  For those who frequent other social media sites, you can email me your offerings at cvarsalona at Deadline: Thursday, June 13, 2019.

Do you have:

half a mind
to dress up and bow down
to the peony

or bow down to the beauty of spring?

for peony blossom viewing
a spring look is fine
and rosé wine

(the above haiku was created using Torin's haiku as mentor text)

for peony blossom viewing
a pale kimono is good
and chinese tea

2016 Peony Surprise
Now I'm off to post this invitation to Poetry Friday's host, Dani Burtsfield. Dani has a beautiful golden shovel poem to share. 


  1. I'm enjoying your cornucopia of peony poems Carol. I have three peony plants and their buds are becoming fuller each day–if we can sustain some warm weather they may open soon.

    1. The sun is shining today, birds chirping, and I look forward to seeing what state my peonies are in this morning, Michelle. I can imagine how beautifully you will draw your peonies, Michelle. I hope you send me an image poem to showcase.

  2. An absolutely deLIGHTful celebration of the peony! And, so well deserved. These flowers are simply the banners of spring...late spring...doorway to summer. Love each and every word.

  3. Yesterday I went for a walk to the park with my almost two year granddaughter. I like to walk with her because the pace is slow and we have time to wonder as we wander. Along the way we passed by a few peony bushes with buds revealing hints of colour. Soon we will be able to rejoice in their full glory.

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, no better way to celebrate spring than with haiku. :) These are lovely, Carol, and yours fits right in. Happy Spring!

  5. My peonies are on the brink of opening. As a child, we would cut every last blooming iris and peony and take them to the graveyard to decorate our ancestors' graves.

  6. I've never had luck with peonies in my garden, Carol, but I so enjoyed the beauty and poetry about yours!

  7. A beautiful post to celebrate the bounty of spring! I am looking forward the spring gallery.

  8. Brett VogelsingerMay 30, 2019 at 2:37 PM

    This reminds me of a peony bush I have that is a division from a bush my great-grandmother grew. My grandfather remembers it growing in her backyard from when he was a little boy. He's 87 now. He took part of it to his house and it never bloomed because of too little sunlight. I took a division to my house and coaxed it into blooming. It smells amazing! Thanks for sharing the poems -- I love the one about being tempted to bow before the peony.