Friday, May 3, 2019

Spring Gifts Spring Forth

A spring-inspired world surrounded me as I drove to the northern edge of Long Island for a professional development workshop yesterday. Signs of springtime were popping all over. Bushes were accentuated by vivid colors and multi-hued florals saluted the sky. The sun shone brightly and the world was gifted with a gorgeous day. Listening to music and feeling the breeze made me rejoice in spring and think about all the poetry gifts I received during the season. 

To all those who brought sunshine to my mailbox or computer screen, I send thoughts of gratitude.

Special feelings of gratitude are being sent to:

-39 Poetry Friday poets who offered their poetry at the Poetry Friday Roundup I hosted

-Irene Latham for her beautiful Live Your Poem poetry card

-Jone MacCulloch who sent me an original photo with a poem poetry postcard

-Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong for co-hosting #WonderChat/#NYEDChat at the beginning of National Poetry Month plus an added bonus: an aromatic gift from Janet (Coffee from Brazil)

I created a blackout poem with the Bean Box sweet smelling label.

-At the end of National Poetry Month, some of my poet friends joined me at #NYEDChat for an exciting fast chat, Inspiring Children to #ThinkPoetry Beyond National Poetry Month. You can find the archived transcript here.

-Have you seen the 2019 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem with its playlist and an original song created by Donna Smith

Now, I am ready to join the Poetry Friday Roundup at the wonderful Jama Rattigan's delicious blog,  Jama's Alphabet Soup, An Eclectic Feast of Food, Fiction, Folderol and Chewy Culinary Verse. While you are there, please check out the following from Jama by clicking here

There were so many poetic gifts during the past National Poetry Month. 
I hope you enjoyed some of them and continue to #ThinkPoetry.


  1. Yes indeed it was a wonderful April of poetry gifts. I enjoyed every bit, as I see you did, too, Carol. Yet, I am rather happy I don't have to prep a post for tomorrow. Time for a rest! Happy Weekend!

    1. My only regret this month is that I did not have enough time to everyone's blog. I think I need to give myself time to breath just like you said. Have a great weekend.

  2. I stood on the outer edge during April, as other responsibilities demanded much of my time. But every now and then, I jumped in and certainly learned much and enjoyed it when I could. Have a blessed weekend, Carol!

    1. Thank you, Alice, for joining me here and sending a blessed thought.. I understand about life responsibilities. I was just thinking about this morning as we are packing to visit my sister and 90-year-old uncle who broke his neck in October.

  3. OH, I know that feeling! Just last night I was driving with my daughter about 7:30. It was still light, there was so much green and it was warm. It was pure joy to be in it! I'm so glad you got to participate in #NationalPoetryMonth to the extent you did--also joy!

  4. It was a wonderful month of poetry gifts, thanks to you and others who found ways to celebrate and promote the reading, writing, and sharing of poems. Feeling your spring joy!

  5. April indeed brought so much beauty. Thank you for hosting the poetry chat. I wasn't able to join live, but it's been lovely to read back over.

  6. I felt so sad that I didnt get all the writing done that I wanted to. I got behind on both blogs.

  7. What a treasure-filled post, brimming with all kinds of poetry goodness from the past month.

  8. It was a fabulous month! I survived another April of writing a poem a day. Some of them are even pretty good.
    Thanks so much for sharing all this poetry today.