Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Raining Again

early morning
gray day warning
quiet surrounds
heartbeat pounds
crackling sounds
start their rounds
©CV, 2019

Rainstorm, while crossing the Verrazano Bridge, 2017

Rain is not a unique sight here on Long Island this season. Since we missed April showers in abundance, June is bustin' out all over with rainstorms. But this morning, the interjection of loud, reverberating thunder claps startled everyone in the house and sent us racing for the windows. 

Please view the following nature photos that illustrate Mother Nature's changeable nature from a day of sunshine to the next day filled with rain. These photos and poems will be at the hashtag, #SpringSplendorGallery, on Twitter waiting for the design of the future gallery.

Rainstorm in Pittsburgh by Jessica Bigi

After the storm in Lexington, Kentucky by Ruth Hersey
Rainbow in Maine by Donna Smith
At the End of the Rainbow by Molly Hogan, Maine 

Rain is not just happening here in the USA. There is a hashtag, #rain, that shares photos from around the globe. 

To validate my thoughts about the rain, I quote my poet friend who experienced the rains during a recent stateside visit to her family in Kentucky. 

"This has been the Aprilest June ever."  -Ruth Hersey

There is tranquility in the house now that the rains have quieted down.
May Langston Hughes' poem and my digital artwork of Long Island fill your day with peace. 

I am joining Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life Tuesday where I found a digital inspiration that seems to fit in with my post. I was filled today with the shock of thunder but now my neighborhood is filled with the lulling chirps of the birds once again. 



  1. Carol, Indiana has been overloaded with rain, as well. The poor farmers are really in crisis this year trying to get their crops in the ground and keep them from getting washed away. On the flip side, the perennial vegetation is incredibly green and lush and when the sun does shine, it is sincerely appreciated.

    1. Yes, Tracy, Long Island is lush also. My hosta plants are so large that they are covering some of my pots. The splendor of spring is alive and that's why I am collecting nature photography, poems, and inspirational quotes for my Spring Splendor Gallery. I have a hashtag for it so if you have something for the gallery please send it my way. Then, I can what spring looks like in Indiana.

  2. Rainy season in Phnom Penh was just starting when I left- I love the rain!

    1. Did you take any photos of the rains there? I would love to see what the area looks like, Erika. Thanks for joining me.

  3. Lots of rain yes! I think we are finally getting a break this week.


    1. Tammy, you would never know that there was a thunderstorm this morning. The sky is full of light and the air is so warm. The weather is so unpredictable that it makes for good conversation.

  4. I'm digging the tight rhymes in your first verse. I can also report from Colorado: unseasonably cool, wet through June, which means greener than usual landscapes as July and daytime temperatures creep up.

    1. Brian, it is time for you to send me a summer digital whenever you have one for #EmbraceableSummer. Perhaps, you will embrace the color green as I have. As for the heat, it is creeping up here, too, making it uncomfortable to sleep without air conditioning like we had to last night because our central air system needed to be fixed. I am wondering how I slept through the night when I was a child-no air conditioning and high temperatures...

  5. Not much rain in "rainy Seattle," but lots of clouds and cool weather. Love the Crown Jewels pic. I have a tree outside my kitchen window and I love to watch the jewel drops gather there.

    1. If you take a photo of your jewel drops, I would love to see it. I think the Crown Jewels of nature are so gorgeous. I am going to look closer at my plants after the rainstorms, Ramona. Have a great week.


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