Thursday, June 13, 2019

Springtime Digital Delights

Each year, spring arrives of its own accord, renewing the world as it bursts forth with color and joy! But this season, spring played peek-a-boo on Long Island as it fluctuates from warmth to dampness and chill. The thermostat read 50 degrees this morning as the rains continued to soak the earth so there were many comments about the winter-in-spring weather phenomenon. 

To rekindle a love of spring warmth and vivid green hues, I present some dazzling digital inspirations for all to witness the splendor of spring. 

Travel with me for a short virtual gallery tour of springtime 
starting with a digipoem from Massachusetts.

On Long Island a lament was heard from early springtime to today:

A lovely flower from South Carolina was spotted at Robyn Hood Black's blog.

Elementary students from Louisiana uncovered springtime in verse. 

A colleague from the 50th state embraced the spirit of springtime and together we created a postcard from Hawaii.

Lastly here is a sighting that looks like a scene from the opening of the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. but it is from Estonia.

There are many more digital inspirations in different varieties that have been collected from colleagues across the globe for the Spring Splendor Gallery. If you have not sent in an offering yet, you may continue to do so until Sunday night, June 16, 2019. Poets, photographers, artists, composers, and students take the creative challenge plunge and think spring.  

I am off to visit poet Laura Shovan's blog site since she is the host of this week's PoetryFriday. You will be delighted to read poems from 3rd grade students during Laura's poet-in-residence annual visit.

I will be on a slow read of Poetry Friday posts since I will be celebrating my granddaughter's second birthday this weekend. 


  1. All beautiful, some I've seen and enjoyed, some new to me, Carol. It's hard to believe Sierra is already going to be two! I'm happy you'll be there to celebrate! Thanks for all!

    1. Woke up to a cool day in Virginia. We got in too late last night to see Sierra so I am excited about greeting her this morning. Thanks for joining me before your trip, Linda. Have a wonderful time with the family. I look forward to hearing about your summer trip.

  2. Oh, these are wonderful. I have sent you something...but its more a summer piece. I will look around for some spring sprigs to send too. I'm wishing you some warmer temps tomorrow morning!

  3. Lovely collection, Carol. I especially enjoyed the poems from Margaret Simon's students today. Enjoy the birthday party!

  4. Thank you, Carol, for these lovely, refreshing, inspiring words and images of spring from around the globe! Wishing you and your family much joy as you celebrate a special birthday for your precious little one.

  5. Lovely spring images and poems Carol, I'm enjoying them as our temps continue to jump up and down. I especially like the Cherry blossoms. Have a wonderful time celebrating your granddaughter's 2nd Birthday!

  6. Beautiful images and words, Carol! Lovely break as I pop online for a few minutes, taking a rest from hanging out with and looking after Randy, who had shoulder surgery Thursday. Long day today, and I enjoyed these!

  7. What a lovely spring sampling, Carol.

  8. What a fresh breath of spring with this sneak peek of the Spring Gallery. Thanks for collecting these!