Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Connecting and Collaborating

Connecting and collaborating is a practice that I have enjoyed this week, whether it was face-to-face, online, or in Twitter virtual conversations. How do these chance and scheduled meet-ups impact my life? Do they enhance my awareness of my 2019 "one word," embrace? I ponder these questions tonight. 
When I connect and collaborate with colleagues, I reap rewards. Virtually moving beyond my home on Long Island allows me to discover diverse perspectives in online corners of thought (Twitter chats, like #NYEDChat with @EmpaticoOrg last night). I network with positive people across the globe. I learn, share ideas, and find new inquiry paths. I embrace small steps through reflection and reflaction (reflection with action) that open channels for change. Most of all, I discard any small thoughts about inadequacy. Opening the mind to new pathways, allows creativity to be harnessed and writing sparked. 
I encourage everyone to: 

When I connect and collaborate,
I am inspired to create and let voice fly. 

Above you will find a new offering for my #SpringSplendorGallery.
Perhaps, you are interested in joining my creative challenge.
The invitation can be accessed here

Thank you to Fran Haley, one of my Tuesday Slice of Life friends, who connected with me about digital design this past weekend. Back and forth we chatted via messaging on topics related to digital design: types of digital tools I use, ideas for enhancing digital, credits. Here is one of Fran's digital creations that will be showcased at my Spring Splendor Gallery. This nature photo that Fran captured is so beautiful that it deserves a place of recognition in a gallery of artistic expression.

Now, I am off to connect and collaborate with some online friends tonight at


  1. I must read more about your gallery. I love taking photos and writing so you’ve got me intrigued.
    Your samples above are awe inspiring btw.

    1. I am delighted that you are interested in digital design. Please peruse last year's spring gallery, "Sense-sational Spring" at
      https://beyondliteracylink.blogspot.com/2018/07/sense-sational-spring-gallery-unveiled.html for ideas.

  2. Carol, I so appreciate your invitation to this creative challenge - it has me thinking in new ways! And I love your work. These digital inspirations here on "morning" and "reeds" have such energy and life in them; such pleasing lines, such elegance and simplicity. The touch of the artist, the voice of the poet. :) Thank you for sharing my digital design - and know how truly grateful I am for your guidance and encouragement! I find I am wanting to tinker quite a bit more!

    1. Did I not tell you that digital design is infectious? I reward myself after a tedious process by writing in my quiet office with a photo prompt in hand. Sometimes, the nature photo is digitized like you see with the image of the reeds to create a special effect. Once you get involved with the process, you will want to learn more. Thank you for your very kind words, Fran. It has been a pleasure working with you. Next year, I hope you have your students take the challenge and write alongside you for upcoming galleries. I look forward to other digital surprises from you.

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