Friday, June 28, 2019

Reflection at Sunset

The timeworn idiom, "One man's trash, is another man's treasure," is one that has become a statement of truth for me. Last week, writing friend, Linda Mitchell, opened up her box of "clunkers" for Poetry Friday friends to choose and turn one into a poem, a keepsake treausre. My choice was flitting, fluttering, flying. I immediately was drawn to those three words because of the alliteration. The words flowed off my tongue in such a lyrical way that I knew they could work for me. While Linda may have turned it aside as a clunker, I brushed it off and repurposed it.

I hope Linda agrees that her passed on words paired with a stunning photo will become a treasure for my Abundant Autumn Gallery. In addition, the words fit nicely into the context of my week that had me flitting from place to place, fluttering in and out of professional development projects, and sending my voice flying. A gorgeous nature photo by #chazchaz from South Africa brought to me by one of my PLN friends, Al Dhalla, combined with Linda's words allowed me to play with language and find the inspiration to write. 

I now present Linda's clunker incorporated into my poem, Sunset Dreams

   Sunset Dreams

   Sunset ignites in indigo skies.
   Flitting, fluttering, flying
   words pop-up, wiggle, wind
   into a universe of ideation,
   cleansing and fortifying 
   the sanctity of thought.
   In the sweeping indigo sky,
   serenity settles in at sunset,
   laying thoughts to rest.
      ©CV, 2019

Photo by #chazchaz via Al Dhalla

Now I am off to Poetry Friday to post this offering. Our host this week, Buffy Silverman, has a wonderful review of Rick Lieder's book, Hello, I'm Here. This book is sure to delight children with its vivid photos of a newly-hatched baby crane chick who relates her story through a first-person poem. Buffy followed this review with an original poem, Advice to a Baby Chick, she wrote for Today's Little Ditty June Challenge.


  1. Oh, wow! You have those words some real new life. Bravo! I love how the words pop-up. They really do, don't they? What a stunning sunset photo. Did you take that? Thanks for making a clunker see the light of day. I'm sure the line is happy in its new finery.

    1. The photo is a wow, Linda! A Twitter friend of mine has a photographer friend from South Africa who offers glorious photos for those interested. Your words were such a great fit for this photo.

  2. Lovely poem. I like how you continued the alliteration with "words pop-up, wiggle, wind."

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Margaret. I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation and little Leo. It must be great to have him so near to you and now you have time to enjoy him.

  3. That picture is exquisite - and you made great use of it. Love, ' a universe of ideation'.

    1. Kat, it is amazing how visual prompts lend inspiration to writing. Thank you for joining me from far away. It is always good to chat with you.

  4. I think we could crown you alliteration queen for your wondrous way with words today! I especially like these lines:
    "In the sweeping indigo sky,
    serenity settles in at sunset,..."

    1. When I was young and learned about alliteration, I developed a love relationships with words, Ramona. Linda's clunker words were music to my ears and easily approachable. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Lovely Carol--from the alliterative words you borrowed from Linda, to your own alliterative "sweeping indigo sky,
    serenity settles in at sunset"
    And that photo is magnificent!

    1. Buffy, I am so fortunate to have been introduced to #chazchaz's photography. Each photo that is sent to me via Twitter is remarkable and allows my mind to be creative in different ways. Thanks for hosting and dropping by today.

  6. Carol that sky just melts away in your mouth, and your poem picks up and unites the two together–beautiful. And then your closing lines wind us down,
    "serenity settles in at sunset,
    laying thoughts to rest."
    Thanks for All!

    1. Michelle, thank you for a full view of my post from every angle. I appreciate it.

  7. Gorgeous photo and poem combo! I love how the alliteration in your line, "serenity settles in at sunset," goes so nicely with the prompt!

  8. What a brilliant use of that clunker, but I'l still marvelling at
    "Sunset ignites in indigo skies."
    Combined with that photograph you have perfection.

  9. You created a treasure from that so called clunker. I really love all of the alliteration sprinkled throughout.

  10. Once again Linda's discarded lines find new life. You poem is lovely, and that sunset photo is amazing.

  11. I loved hearing about your journey to this poem and the many inspirations that came together in its creation. Lovely!


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