Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Recollection of Fall

I recall a glorious walk last fall on a clear day that radiated with the sunshine of spring and the warmth of autumn. Instead of a quick jaunt to the ocean, my husband and I traveled a short distance to Hempstead Lake Park, a beautiful place for a walk.


It was one of those rare days that spoke of the majesty of the earth. Walkers congregated at different bends of the trail to celebrate the beauty of the season. The nature path strewn with scattered leaves and fallen trunks was lush with the fruits of the season. Red-orange berry bushes, popping with color, lined the path. Scampering squirrels raced hurriedly across the wooded trail as dogs promenaded with their owners. A faint hint of horse hooves clomping on the adjacent trail was evident. Serenity surrounded the inner sanctum of the woods. Only the crunching of leaves underfoot broke the morning silence. Off the beaten trail lay an expansive glistening lake that sparkled with slight ripples from the slow gliding ducks. Massive trees stood regally as their multi-colored leaves showed signs of changing colors. Two couples stood nearby to soak in the abundance of nature's gifts that were showcased under the sun. 
of morning
reflected in leaves
©CV, 2019

What I attempted above is a prose poem called a haibun, followed not by the tradition haiku but a Hay(na)ku, a poetic form that I recently learned about. I added a digitized form of the nature photo I took last fall. This sequence of poetry and digital artwork will be featured in my upcoming Abundant Autumn Gallery of Artistic Expressions


Now, I am off to connect and collaborate with online friends at Two Writing Teachers for the Tuesday Slice of Life Writing Challenge.


  1. new forms of poetry ... thanks for sharing ... I like getting lost in the zone now and then, too ... Kevin

  2. I love the words you selected- congregated, lush, scampering....this piece has such precise words and so many sensory images. Love the picture too!

  3. I loved visualising the dogs and squirrels on the nature trail.