Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Along the Nature Trail

My toddler grandgirls arrived mid-morning on a bright October day this weekend. The sky was filled with sunshine and Mother Nature dressed the day in assorted leaf wear. 

It was one of fall's "just right" days to take a slow walk on the nature trail. Our first stop was the muddy pond?  "Where are the ducks, Grandma?", my four-year-old granddaughter asked. She kept looking but they were no where to be seen.

"I guess they are hiding from us," I explained and so we moved on to find fall on the trail. Emily Dickenson's poem, Fall, Leaves, Fall, was on my mind. We were off to see if "every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree."

Interesting-looking leaves, some wildflowers, and our shadow in the sunshine were found along the trail. In the distance, a little bridge appeared like a magical entrance into the woods. Yet, there was no walking trail further on. It was time to find another trail. 

As the sun hid under the canopy of trees, our shadows played hide and seek  Sierra shouted, "Where is my shadow?" We laughed and raced to the sunny spots while stopping to pick autumn's treasures, artifacts of the season. When hands felt cold and shoulders needed an extra layer, the girls cuddled in my shawls and sat on the bench by the muddy pond once again searching for the elusive ducks. 

on the nature trail
sunshine dressed in autumn leaves
celebrate fall
©CV, 2021

What happened to the artifacts picked along the trail?
Stay tuned to find out what type of project Sierra created.
(Next blog post will be ready on Thursday night.)


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  1. So sweet and joyful, together in the nature with all the beauty around.

  2. Precious moments together. Our daughter and family are coming for a short vacation in December. They live in Germany, they could not come last year and this year in July. We are waiting for our grandchildren :)

  3. Carol, some quality time with your granddaughters. I love the elusive shadow and can picture you both running into a sunny spot to find your shadows.

    1. Bob, you guessed right. Finding our shadows is a game we play but we also wanted to find artifacts of fall for Sierra's collage.

  4. I loved tagging along on your nature walk. Walking with children is a definite joy and makes slowing down essential. There's so much to discover. Looking forward to Sienna's project.

    1. Ramona, Sierra loves her art projects so I am composing a post about what she created for Poetry Friday. Thanks for joining me on our walk.