Friday, October 22, 2021

Autumn Artifacts

The warmth of the autumn sun floods the path to the creek. My little grandgirls walk beside me. We bask in the beauty of the woods as I point out what I see. I am the guide on this brief journey leading them to enjoy nature as much as I do. You can read more about our adventure at my blog post, Along the Nature Trail.

©CV, 2021

I am your guide to
autumn wonders that fall
onto earthen paths.
I play a game, naming what I see.
A group of purple wildflowers
faces sunward. You stoop,
pick a spotted red leaf,
your first artifact of autumn.
Curled-up bark leads you
to other tiny pieces of fall.
You carry these precious
items tightly in your tiny hands.
Share them with your little sister
who brushes featherlike
leaves into the wind.
With gratitude for earth's
treasures, we walk home
ready to create a
lasting memory of a
glorious autumn day.
©CV, 2021

The above poem is modeled after the beginning and last lines of Maggie Smith's poem, First Fall.

Art Project Time

Upon entering the house, four-year-old Sierra announces, "I am going to work on my project". I gather the craft supplies. Intent on her work, Sierra lays out the artifacts from her fall walk. Bark, leaves, acorns, and acorn caps line the kitchen table. 
"What did you see on your walk, Sierra?" "Fall," she responds. 
Carefully, she glues her artifacts onto orange paper. I am amazed at her preciseness in placement. Much to my surprise, she leaves an imprint of a leaf on the paper with just a crayon. As the project draws to a conclusion, we talk about poetry. 
"Fall and call rhyme, Grandma." 
"Is that the start of your poem?" 
Words pop out. We talk about what a poem is. 
"It is more than rhyming. It is your feeling, too." 
I leave it at that. After all, she is four and interested. I write what she says on paper. We read it again. She thinks. We change a few words and I write her poem where she thinks it should go on her fall project
"Will people like my poem, Grandma?" 
"I am sure they will."

©Sierra, Age 4, 2021

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  1. I do like her poem! I love this sweet experience you had with her. Yes, indeed, "glorious autumn day."

    1. Thank you for adding your comment about Sierra's poem. She will be thrilled. Autumn is such a joyous time of the year, especially during October, Denise. Happy Fall!

  2. Thank you for sharing your poem this week and the works of Sierra. They were fun to read.

    Also, thank you Carol for the very positive and encouraging comments that you've left me on my blog over the past 2 years. Specifically, a comment you left on my story Exile's Journey (on my old blog) really made me say "yeah, I can do this". So, thank you for your support and I just wanted to let you know that what might have seemed like a small thing was a major impact to me.

    Thank you!

  3. Enjoyed hearing about your special fall walk. what beautiful memories you're creating with your grandkids. Love Sierra's nature collage and poem. Great job!

  4. Carol, this is gorgeous--the photos, the poems, the story, your relationship with your grandgirls. "Curled-up bark leads you /
    to other tiny pieces of fall." Yes. So much beauty. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. My heart is bursting for you and Sierra's beautiful collage and poem!! I love it so much and know that she is being nourished and nurtured by her wonderful grandma. You are so lucky you live close. I am sending you an autumn poem via email! Thanks for creating such beautiful arrays for us to feast on!

  6. It is gorgeous, a memory to last in the picture and in your heart, Carol. Remember that we used to make leaf scrapbooks? And I have ironed leaves with crayon bits between pieces of waxed paper. What Sierra created gives her the chance to remember and choose just what was lovely to her. This is much fun to read about!

  7. I love the voice in your poem as you guide your granddaughters along the path. When they are older, they'll treasure the memories and your words. Sierra's fall poem is lovely!

  8. I just love the poetry and pictures that kids create. How wonderful that you can talk poetry and art with Sierra. Who better to share fall with?

  9. What a gorgeous and feel-good post Carol! I love your poem and Sierra's art and poem–a budding poet and artist, what a wonderful grandmother and teacher she has. Thanks!

  10. How lucky your grandgirls are to have a grandmother to introduce them to the worlds of nature, art and poetry - and how all three can combine! Your poem has such beautiful language: "artefact of autumn" and "tiny pieces of fall." And Sierra's poem distills Fall down to its essence. Thanks for sharing these today!

  11. Well done, Sierra! And what a gentle nudge you gave to her foray into poetry. Her art is fabulous, too. That's a keeper for sure!

  12. Such a delightful post, Carol! I love your poem, and Sierra's filled me with such joy. I love the wonder and curiosity in her poem and collage! She is so lucky to have you to encourage her love of nature.

  13. Joy shared and carried forward from grandma to granddaughter, a joy to behold. Art, nature internalized. Art, nature brought to fruition. Two “wonderfall” ”Poems from the poets unfold.

  14. There is nothing so lovely as a Grandmother and Granddaughter poet team. I love how you are guiding and Sierra is learning and teaching you right back. Such love and happiness here.