Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Visit to a Pumpkin Patch

October entered and the pumpkin patch lured our family and little toddler grandgirls
to find its autumn gifts. 
It was a day like no other
dipped in sunglow.
Sightings of fern green,
fiery orange, and orangeslice pumpkins.
plumply lay in fields of asparagus-colored vines.
The sky billowing with cornflower hues
gleamed brightly onto goldenrod haystacks.
October entered in harvest glory
with summer's heat following.
Stepping lightly into the patch,
we laughed as we tried to balance.
Among the clinging vines, we
searched for just-the-right pumpkins
to grace our doorsteps.
It was a day to remember-
autumn heat blazing,
granddaughters frolicking,

slight sunburns and
a wagon full of fun.

©CV, 2021 

The quote of the day came from a 4-year-old as she struggled to carry her large pumpkin to the cart. "Grandma, it's teamwork!" If only each child could remember that line when trying to accomplish something that is just a bit beyond their comfort zone. 

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  1. I love the way you play with words, Carol. "Sunglow" and "orangeslice" are perfect descriptors of fall, with its inherent richness. Those grandgirls in the pumpkin patch - what a treasure of a day! As is the golden takeaway of teamwork and the acknowledgment that growth comes from getting out of one's comfort zone. Adults need that reminder, often. Such a rich post in every way, Carol.

  2. Love this post! thank you for sharing

  3. Ca, there is just something special about Autumn colors and you make us see them with your well chosen words. I think your granddaughter is wise beyond her years. Hope you post a picture of the perfect pumpkins gracing your doorstep.

  4. Love it!! Thanks, Carol. A bright autumn reminder...

  5. I have never been gotten overly excited about pumpkins but this year I find myself drawing them, wanting pumpkin flavor in my food, and thanks to your post I'm going to visit a pumpkin patch today...all by myself because my grandkids live in another state.

  6. I like how the playfulness of your words and rich descriptions depict the occasion with your granddaughters. You've captured the playfulness in their experience not only with words, but your beautiful images.

  7. Ah! The pumpkin patch. Yes - that's looking about right. Be thankful you don't have to contend with some of Australia's venomous slithery critters! Language conveys so much. When I see your 'wagon' picture I realised I had the wrong visual image in your more recent post. I was imagining a wooden train wagon - but now I see it's what we'd call a trolley.