Friday, October 8, 2021

Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery, Section Three

It seems eons ago that "Summer filled her veins with light and her heart washed with noon (C. Day Lewis). Memories of summers on Long Island's sandwashed shores drift on, replaced now by new surroundings. A gentle creek, quiet pond, wooded nature trails, and miles of country roads evoke new memories. I ponder my one word, begin, inhale the autumn's cooling breath, and invite you to savor summer days at this third section of my global gallery of artistic expressions.

Linger in the familiar conviction that life begins over again with summer as F. Scott Fitzgerald did when writing about Long Island's Gold Coast summer days in The Great Gatsby.

Through the blending of art, technology, and poetry, pause to relax 
as you begin a global gallery walk at the Muddy Pond in Northern Virginia.

new hope, new beginning
with each rising sunbreath-
life at the crossroad
©CV, 2021

Breathe in the fresh scent of summer, drift into relaxation mode, and
be lulled by the sound of Chris Rea's, Sweet Summer Day video here.

Travel to Estonia's peaceful lily pond photographed by Terje Akke.

Preview the Experience Estonia video here to discover more about this beautiful country here

Discover the beauty of the Oregon Coast in summer.

"On a clear day the Oregon coast is the most beautiful place on earth-clear and crisp and clean...the air fat and salty and bracing, the ocean spreading like a grin." - Author, Brian Doyle
Photos by Rita Wirtz
Morgan & Dad, Kite Flying at Oregon Coast

Listen to Dolly Parton sing Sweet Summer Lovin here.

Now, feast your eyes on beautiful East Coast beaches and lakes.
Long Island, NY
Westcott Beach, NYS
Devin Hartnett, Bahamas

Recall outdoor vacation days across USA.
Cape May, New Jersey
Cheryl Foos, Mt. Ranier, Washington
sunrise to dusk water
cascades in a zigzag flow
earth's scenic moment
©CV, 2021
Photo of Wahconah, Massachusetts by Laura Toledo
@alaskatracy, Alaska Fireweed
Bonnie Nieves's Summer of Self-Care,
an inspirational travel log

Sink into sunset moments!
Rita Wirtz, Oregon

Let evening thoughts arouse interest in nature.
Carol Varsalona, Lake Anna, Virginia

Be renewed by inspiration gathered in summertime.
Arthur Plitt, @Reikiarthur
From the pages of Two Writing Teachers
"The Amen of nature is always a flower." -Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr.
PicCollage by Rita Wirtz, Oregon

From digital inspirations in all medium forms, is evident that summer sights and scents move us to not only romanticize our summer days but inspire us to transition to a new season.

Thank you for strolling through Section 3 of my Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery

As you look back on prior gallery rooms:
Take a moment to listen to Taylor Swift's song, August, here.


Thank you to inspired social media colleagues, family, and friends who contributed to this edition of my global gallery, Nurturing Our Summer Souls.

Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery, Section 3 Contributors
Terje Akke
Les Buchanan
Kim Douillard
Cheryl Foos
Devin Hartnett
Bonnie Nieves
Tre O'Hagan Marigliano
Laura Toledo
Two Writing Teachers
Carol Varsalona
Rita Wirtz
Jackie Yun
Morgan, student
Cover Art by Jan Annino, Fran Haley, Donna Smith, Carol Varsalona


I am also grateful to the gifted poet, Irene Latham, for hosting this week's Poetry Friday Roundup. You can find two of Irene's ArtSpeak poems at the Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery, Poetry Friday Edition.


Please join me when I unveil my last edition to the
Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery for a final look at Summer 2021. 
Stay tuned! Let nature continue to inspire your thoughts and being.


  1. You've given us a mini-vacation here on your blog. I love this line from your poem: "with each rising sunbreath" ... Thank you for sharing this with us today!

  2. Oh, this is just lovely -- the gorgeous body of water in Estonia - I've only been once and didn't get to stay nearly long enough -- the "amen" of the flower from Oliver Wendell Holmes, and the sentiment on that rock is so nice I might have to reproduce it and seed the neighborhood here.


  3. Dear Carol, I love how global this collection is! I'm enamored of those Estonia lily pads. So much beauty. Thank you for all you make possible. xo

    1. I have one more edition of this gallery left, Irene, but have my foot in the door of an autumn collection. It is my goal to find an outlet for these galleries to bring inspiration into others' lives. Thanks for hosting and being part of this body of work.

  4. Wonderful! I love "sun note" Delicious words and images from everywhere the sun touches. Check the Robert Conway Conservancy near you. It's a great walking trail.

  5. Carol, thank you for another lovely look into summer. The images are so beautiful. My favorite today is the plumeria in Hawaii about the light by Jackie Yun. Thanks for sharing the August song too.

  6. So lovely and such a sweet reminder of the special season of summer. I love your waterfall haiku with the zigzag look. So much is pure delight here. A way to bask in memory and healing moments of a season we have loved. Thank you, Carol.
    Janet Clare F.

  7. A little extension of summer 2021. Very nice, Carol!

    1. Yes, it is and fitting since last weekend at the pumpkin patch the temperature rose to 90 degrees. Ah, the memories of summer last.

  8. Your lyrical voice adds to the summer vistas! So peaceful and beautiful.

  9. We have our first really cold coming later this week, Carol, so this morning I've savored all the summer you have brought to us. My heat is fixed, hooray! I copied "Poetry is a sun note opening day", will remember this line! Happy Sunday!

  10. Thanks go out to you and all the talented artists for these images+poems. Yes, summer is well and truly gone, but it's fun to look back and remember.

  11. Another lovely collection of photos and poems.