Monday, October 11, 2021

Pondering the Word HERE

Last week slipped away without me realizing that it was Spiritual Journey Thursday until after the fact. Thankfully, our host this month, my friend Ramona Behnke, sent me an email with the prompt and a reminder. "Here is our word for October. It comes from Emily P. Freeman's podcast, Episode 188: You Are Here (And it Matters). "

Last Thursday my here was caught up in a series of must-dos. Thinking back on this now, I realize that I filled my day with necessities: getting my COVID booster shot, drinking plenty of fluid to avoid any reactions like after shot #1, preparing dinner, helping my son organize his bags for a mini-trip with my little grandgirls, my daughter, and son-in-law, and jaunt out to the store to find a raincoat for my little 21-month old grandgirl because hers was misplaced. I engaged in these actions, one after the other, without pausing or reflecting. Then, late at night, I spent time curating and designing the third section of my Nurturing Our Summer Souls Gallery While this latter activity nurtured my spirit.  It should have been my time "to let here meander and saunter and amble in my head and through my days" as Ramona suggested. But once again, time was a culprit and I fell back into the habit of being task-driven until tonight. I silently moved to my study and become immersed in the moment. Writing flowed.

sands of summer sweep
across my sunstreaked soul
season passes on
I am here sitting
in silence, pondering life
a clock ticks

here in this place of
peace words float and simply speak
time stands still

I am here writing
alone in the quiet night
the world sleeps
©CV, 2021


My post comes in bits and pieces. I am comforted by the flow and the peace that surrounds me.  I search the internet for inspirational thoughts and find this quote from Akirog Brost. "Your life requires your mindful presence in order to live it. Be here now." I move on to Emily P. Freeman's podcast. The following lines caused me to pause. They spoke about feeling scattered, something I understand. "So what might it look like to live gathered again? It starts by being where you are. You are one persona nd you occupy many places. You carry words inside you, but really we can only make our decisions from the place where we are right now." 

As I read this, I am filled with a deep sense of belief in the Spirit of the Lord. I once again look to my one word, begin, to guide me on this journey in a new location and new home. I use another one of Akirog Brost's inspirational quotes, "If you want your life to have depth and meaning, be present, be mindful, and live with intention," to create a poem based on the golden shovel form. I end the night of writing with the following.

If there is an if
lurking in my mind, are you
hiding? Do you want
space to call your
own? Move over! Life
calls me to
stand tall and have
a rooting in faith, search for depth,
be true to self, and
seek meaning
to find the be
in being. Also, present
with conviction, be
filled with a mindful
spirit and
negate any darkness that thwarts my right to live
in peace. To do so, I commit to pen words with
clarity and intention.
©CV, 2021

I am thankful for my Spiritual Journey Thursday community of writers.


  1. Carol, your point about being task-driven really resonates with me. I couldn't help thinking of Psalm 46:10: "Be still and know that I am God..." This verse has appeared on different plaques and gifts given to me at various stages in my life and has always filled me with awe. It so speaks to being "here" and meditating in the presence of God, just as you express: "I am filled with a deep sense of belief in the Spirit of the Lord." Your poem composed after the summer gallery, with lines on sweeping sand, seasonal change, and "sunstreaked soul" so conveys that needed stillness and hush - for writing IS a spiritual activity. The Freeman line which spoke to you on "being gathered again" is mighty, as is Brost's, "be present, be mindful, and live with intention" - such a beautiful, energetic golden shovel! It is written in such a warrior-prayer-like way, acknowledging any ifs lurking in your mind and seizing the power "to negate any darkness that thwarts my right to live in peace." I come away thinking about balance in our daily living, in making time for that necessary stillness for renewing our strength. Thank you for this inspiring, empowering reflection!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write, with all the other things you have going on. You've written a lovely post.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ruth. I am still working on balance so that I can devote time to the here and now in a fitting way. There are always so many disruptions during any day but finding the be in being is something I need to do always.

  3. Your list of tasks resonates with me. I long for retirement and yet know that when I do, I will still be as active as ever. Teaching grounds me and keeps me focused on a goal. Being present is always a goal for me. Thanks for posting the links to each post. I didn't realize that we had grown to 10 people!

  4. Carol, your lovely post reminds me of the balance we all seek. The flow of water in and out, the shifting sands. What can I give up to God today? Just like you, I am often in a frenzy. We had 9 people in our little house overnight on Saturday... dinner & breakfast...showers and ready for a wedding party on Sunday. Crazy mixed with wonderful. Today I am "here" with the laundry as I consider my many blessings. Be still and know... Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Carol, so glad you took time to be alone and thinking and reflecting on HERE. I love these lines, picturing you in your study:
    "here in this place of
    peace words float and simply speak"
    A power credo in your golden shovel too. I especially was drawn to these lines:
    "negate any darkness that thwarts my right to live
    in peace"

  6. So glad you made time to join us here for SJT. I like to think that we aren't confined to a particular day or even week, but can post anytime during the month. Your post calls to mind the importance of being here with this calm words:
    "I am here writing
    alone in the quiet night
    the world sleeps"
    I love how your reflection leads you to ponder your OLW, begin, and it's connection to your current situation. And we're blessed by your golden shovel. So glad you joined us. And thanks for sharing the links for our community.

    1. Ramona, I feel like I am so behind in what I have to do and what I would like to do. Being here often has to be tucked in between the necessary parts of life: doctor visits, family, and household. I am grateful for the few moments of quiet allowing me to just to be.