Thursday, November 4, 2021

Gratitude Month at Spiritual Journey Thursday

November is here, wrapped in morning frost and universal thoughts on the importance of gratitude in our lives. National Gratitude Month with its mission of "encouraging us to embrace the power of gratitude" pops up on my screen. An email from Denise Krebs who resides in Bahrain pings. As the host of Spiritual Journey Thursday, Denise chooses gratitude as our monthly topic, shares her original small poems of gratitude, and encourages the community writers to write #gratikus and #gratitudepoems throughout the month.

I start with an inspirational quote that opens my month of writing with a positive touch.

November's shifting winds inspire me to create digital art and write a blackjack poem.

I turn to scripture to find a verse on thanks: 
"Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!"  -2 Corinthians 9:15

and YouTube for an uplifting song of thanks:

I add my gratiku (gratitude + haiku) for each day of November 2021
during Gratitude Month.

 motherly love
memories of kitchen sweets
pass the cinnamon
©CV, 2021

(grateful for my Nonnie who taught my mother to bake who taught me to bake
and now, I teach my 4-year-old granddaughter
who also bakes at home with her mother, my daughter)

During the month of November, fill your heart with gratitude each day and send it forward into the crisp, cool wind. For now, join the Spiritual Journey Thursday community at Denise Krebs' blog as we fill the universe with gratitude and poetic goodness. 


  1. Oh, Carol, what a lovely potpourri of a post. I love the line "whispering transitional tunes" for the winds of November. And the "pass the cinnamon" in the poem about passing on the love and skill of baking across generations. I too am thanking God today "for sweet friendships shared online." Thank you for your post, Carol.

    1. Denise, gratitude was the right topic for this month because we need to pause and share our gratefulness for life and living each day. Thank you for choosing this topic.

  2. Carol, the Scripture you chose is the perfect reminder of how much we've been given, and how incomprehensible it is, in its vastness. Knowing this opens us to awe all around us. It threads through your lines on bright reminders and joy despite gloom and the bounty of autumn "reigning." Not to mention motherly love! As autumn gives way to the holidays, I am remembering loved ones lost over the years - my grandmothers in particular - how they baked and celebrated family with so much exuberance. I am deeply grateful for every memory and for their guiding influence; it is with me still. Another good gift from the great Giver. Thank you for every lovely line - and I must try writing a blackjack poem!

    1. Fran, I am delighted to see the word "awe" have a spot in your comment.Baking is a family passion in many households.I am so glad that we share this in common as we do gratitude for life and living. We are so blessed to receive gifts from above. Happy Fall Weekend!

  3. Aren't we fortunate that friendships formed online can be sweet and strong and just so lovely? I agree. So many of my online friends are gifts that I am thankful for...especially my friend that creates beautiful digital art and remembers gratitude daily. Thank YOU, Carol.

  4. Such beautiful reasons for gratitude!

  5. Normally, I wouldn't have been able to relate to crisp November days--we are still fairly warm and muggy here in central TX--but I was fortunate enough to spend the first few days of this week up in the Piney Woods, where I indeed walked on carpets of leaves and enjoyed a campfire as cool breezes blew over my head, rustling the remaining leaves and sending down showers of them. Thank you for your beautiful images and poetry. I'm getting a new oven this weekend, can't wait to start baking again as well!

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  7. "Sweet friendships shared online" and then the joy of meeting some of our online friends in person. I remember when we met up at NCTE in Houston, Carol!
    I loved the Thankful song. And then I fell down the rabbit hole when I went to check out blackjack poetry.
    Ahhh, the joy of exploration with friends who write!