Tuesday, November 9, 2021

November Gratitude

November continues to celebrate National Gratitude Month. I indulge into morning reading. Karen Eastlund's post for Spiritual Journey Thursday catches my attention with the addition of a Mary Oliver poem, Mindful. Gratitude flows throughout the poem. 

A couple of Mary Oliver's lines

to lose myself
inside this soft world
©Mary Oliver, Mindful

 lead me to write a Day 8 gratitude poem

daylight saving time
offers a slowing-down pace
evening peace flows
©CVarsalona, 2021

I pen a gratiku above and a golden shovel poem below.

each day becomes shorter for a to-
do list of endless tasks. I need to lose
"supposed musts" and find time for myself.
 ©CVarsalona, 2021

At eveningtide, earth rests.
Sky shares its painted wonder.
A crescent moon shifts its glance -
Masterpiece of peace!
©CVarsalona, 2021
-Dodoitsu Poem-

After a long day of crossing off items on my to-do list, I once again fall asleep while writing. It's time to visit Two Writing Teachers to share my gratitude for Days 8 and 9. Good night moon!


  1. The crescent moon was beautiful, coinciding with clear sky. I like your line “evening peace flows” in your time change poem, but I really don’t like the time change, even when it gives the “extra hour” of sleep… adjusting to the change is still bothersome for me.

  2. Carol, it is so important that we find time for ourselves. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves how can we take care of others? There is always something to be grateful for even in things we may not like.

  3. Thank you for linking my post, Carol, and for your ongoing gratitude poems. I love the crescent moon shifting its glance. Glorious!

  4. I always enjoy your poetry. These two lines have me wanting to paint...
    'Sky shares its painted wonder.
    A crescent moon shifts its glance' :)

  5. Dear Ms. Varsalona,

    How terribly I enjoyed your poignant poetry - and with such a deft hand in the economy of words. You remind me of how powerful we can be while succinct, evoking such rich imagery and emotion with so few words!

    This is my first time seeing a "gratiku," and I'm not sure I understand the elements of a golden shovel; but, each selection resonated with me deeply. I agree with the commenter who said this is ripe with inspiration for painting.

    Your writing is soothing and lyrical. Beautiful indeed...

    ~Carla Michelle