Monday, March 16, 2020

Tensions Mount_SOLSC 16

Yikes! The phone rings with another COVID-19 news update from Town Hall-virus spreads closer to home. Mid-afternoon call comes in from the village-offices close starting today. Message from the Governor interrupts afternoon TV. Then, NYC Mayor comes on. New York State prepares for a month of closures. Ring, ring ! 9:14 pm-phone call from the Town office again. - State of Emergency -

Schools close. 
Playground laughter
No longer heard.
"Remote learning" trends.
News bulletins blare.
TV's interrupted.
COVID-19 spreads
Inches closer to home. 
Self-quarantine rises.
Life is not the way it was-
And yet, we go on 
just like post-911 days. 
We are resilient!
©CV, 2020

Surrender the me to WE!
-Chris Cuomo

Each year since March 2015, I have engaged in Two Writing Teacher's Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Slicing allows me to ponder life, literacy, and learning, capturing small moments poetically through writing, photography, and digital art. Welcome to Day 16 of 31 days of writing with Two Writing Teachers


  1. Brilliant poem. The litany of phone calls and the lines of your poem really drive home how stressful this must be. It is tense out here in Oregon with our small cities and small number of cases. I cannot even picture what this feels like in NYC. Take care, and keep thinking positive! (And washing your hands!)

    1. Thank you, Whitney. It helps to write. I just came inside from garbage duty and washed my hands. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Lynn G. Faith and hope is what I am leaning on these days.


  3. I tried commenting yesterday.
    “Life is not the way it was.” Those words are so true, and “We are resilient.”

    1. Thanks for heading back to my post to respond, Diane. I appreciate it.