Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Appreciating the Grandgirls

It is a joy to have little granddaughters. Their smiles pop up on my computer daily and in their online Google Photo albums but the best is when the little girls stay for a weekend. Oh, the fun we have is incomparable. During this year of gratitude, my one word appreciate fills my heart. People often ask why I moved to Virginia. My first response is always, "To be near our granddaughters". It is the same response I hear from many people in our community. 

“A granddaughter is a treasure whose worth you cannot measure except by the love in your heart.” -unknown author

Our weekend was filled with firsts, golden memories, and fun.

special times

such a treat
to watch them
enjoy life

smiles, giggles-
sweet childhood
©CVarsalona, 2022


outdoor fun
movie, treats,

indoor fun
at the pool
splash, kick, swim

extra treat
breakfast and
watching goats
©CVarsalona, 2022
(The above poems use the tricube poetic form.)

Then, off they go with their parents and what do the grandparents do after that hearty breakfast?  We take a long nap because it is non-stop movement when the little girls visit.  But it is so much fun to be around our granddaughters. 

Oh, I did not mention the ice cream treats, not only for the little girls but for the adults. We all enjoy ice cream in the summer, even if it melts more quickly.
It's time for Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers, a meeting place for a world of reflective writers. I appreciate this community of eduwriters.

during the March writing challenge


  1. I read this with extra appreciattion as I just found out I'll be a grandmother come 2023. I wonder if I will move? You share the importance of being close by so the none-stop fun can easily happen. I could see all the smiles radiating so well as I read your piece. SO glad you have granddaughter time, even though it is exhausting! Thanks for sharing and giving me a glimpse of my future.

    1. Sally, congratulations. You will be so happy with your new grandmother role but for the time before, enjoy every moment of getting ready. It was too difficult living on Long Island and driving to Virginia when we wanted to visit. It took us a year and a half to find the right community to build a dream house that is only 1/2 hour away from the girls. That is a quick ride in Long Island time. I look forward to ready your grandmother-to-be slices this year.

  2. Oh, this post just brims with joy! It's wonderful that you moved to be near your grandchildren and I'm sure it's something you'll never regret. I love how you enrich each other's lives. So much fun!!! (fingers crossed that I'll someday get to write a similar post!)

    1. Fingers crossed that you will become part of the sacred club of grandmotherhood, Molly. I am sitting here thinking about my own grandmother who along with my mother became wonderful models of grandmothers who become guides for me. Your new photos that you shot and placed on FB are remarkable. Your eye is getting sharper each day.

  3. Carol, love and joy just radiate throughout this piece. There is something special about viewing the world through the eyes of children. Your granddaughters are lucky to have you so near and that you are a big part of their lives.

  4. Love reading about all your happy times with the grand girls!
    Diane (newtreemom)

  5. How lovely! What lucky girls to have you as a grandmother!

  6. I know this joy so well, Carol! I hope to always live near my grandgirls. The moments and making of memories are vitally important...I know you were close to your grandmother, as I was to mine; this is my wish and my model for the little ones. I always knew I was loved and cherished - I want my girls to know this. I know yours will! Your verse is a record and a treasure. And my, are they growing!

  7. This post made me smile, Carol! I can imagine your joy, the girls' energy, and the licking of ice cream as it drips down onto the cones of both the old and young. I am so glad you were able to move closer to them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Carol,
    I love hearing about the joy of your grandchildren. They have gotten taller and look so much like each other. So adorable with the pig tails! Your love and joy shine through in your beautiful tricube poems. It's wonderful for your family that your husband and you were able to move from Long Island to a half hour from the girls.
    Hopefully, someday I'll have grandchildren, too. Right now, our girls are 24 and 22, which I feel is too young to have children. Our youngest, who is 22 is going to be student teaching in music ed in September in 2 schools in Buffalo. She was a little anxious about it at first, but I told her you gradually take over the teacher's classes. Now, she is looking forward to it and I'm excited for her. Our oldest graduated from UVM with a degree in environmental science and forestry in Burlington VT in 2020, so she couldn't get a permanent job right away in her field. Her boyfriend and her now live in CO. Last spring, she had a temporary job in The Forest Service, and this spring she received a permanent job in The Forest Service. We are proud of both of them. I hope your eye has healed and you are able to see better, now. Thank you for sharing your joy and inspiration.