Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Summer State of Mind

This summer, have you embraced the warmth of the sun's rays or leisurely walked a beach or nature trail? Perhaps, you listened to melodic earth sounds sweeping through the air on a summer day. Nature offers a range of sights from hazy days to sweltering ones with sudden rainstorms washing away heat for moments at a time. While you watch nature's show, do your thoughts float away into the sky like balloons escaping from children's hands? Mine often do. It's the magic of being in a summer state of mind

Today, I recall forty summers by the sea while living on Long Island. Now with no sea close to me, I long for ocean waves and mighty roars. I picture the family digging our toes into the sand, and enjoying barbecues at the beach with friends. I reminisce about past summer days and offer a digital postcard I designed in 2019 and a video, Summer's Steamy Embrace, created in July 2020. 

©CV, 2022

I return home from an exercise class a bit weary but eager to share a day trip that my husband, son, and I took to small towns in Virginia this past weekend.

Down Country Roads
I embrace summer in Virginia, my new home state,
and explore new possibilities with my soulmate.
Life here takes on a different look.
I peruse Virginia is for Lover's guidebook
To seek quaint towns where one can just be.
We go down country roads, not the sea;
Discover rolling hills and tranquil paths;
Search for antiques and cement birdbaths.
Nature displays her countless bounty
In every area throughout the county.
With a zest for exploring new sights,
I continue to photograph highlights
and embrace summer days
while giving nature praise.
©CV, 2022

"I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket." -Kellie Elmore
Embrace summer and sing her praises!
Special Thanks to slicer Fran Haley for her Eternal summer: memoir poem, all the wonder of summer days come flowing back. Her inclusion of sensory details to evoke the spirit of her childhood summer days, set me on a path last week to uncover the true song of summer, a line from her reflective poem. Consider reading, Summer on My Mind, here.
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  1. Carol, summer is a season like no other. sweltering 90s quickly turn into pleasant 80s after a quick afternoon shower. Birds that haven't been around for months return to the feeder. Peace and contentment overflow while quietly working in the garden. Truly a joyful season.

  2. Carol, nice post. I am inspired to enjoy the summer even more. It's been pretty warm, but in the mornings I take a bike ride and sit outside with my cup of tea. It's a peaceful and relaxing way to start the days. I really like these lines in your poem:
    "To seek quaint towns where one can just be." (a wonderful treasure!)
    "Nature displays her countless bounty" (yes, indeed!)

  3. My two favorites...exploring the beach and country roads for nature's grandest moments. I always enjoy your poetry! :)

  4. My summer state of mind is all about slowing down and accepting what is. Day trips (without a tight agenda) to explore new sights are part of it.