Friday, July 22, 2022

Summer on My Mind

Memories of childhood summers with my Nonnie stir in my heart each summer. The smell of her rose gardens, the flapping sounds of clean wash swinging in the wind, or the snap-crackle sound from shucking peas, plus the walking trips to the library flash in my mind. 

summer on my mind
fragrant, nature-indulged days
slip sliding in peace
©CV, 2022

Thanks to Fran Haley's slice of lifeEternal summer: memoir poem, all the wonder of summer days come flowing back. Her inclusion of sensory details to evoke the spirit of her childhood summer days, set me on a path to uncover the true song of summer, a line from her reflective poem.

when July winds breeze through, the
sounds of summer ring true
rain sings her swishing song 
bees swoop into the core of
petunias where they belong-ah summer

sweet, lingering days of summer
I smell the fragrant basil and mint of
lavish gardens lulled by fountain song
I find peace at July's end, the true
essence of summer flows in the
reminders of summers I knew

Continue to play your sweet tune, summer.
I wait for your lazy, hazy days of August
to wash away pressures.
©CV, 2022 draft
If you also have summer on your mind listen to Summer Breeze by Seals and Croft

It's Poetry Friday and I am celebrating summer with Mary Lee Hahn, our host. She is using a clunker line from Linda Mitchell that recalls memories of her mother cooking green beans. Join me to find more poetic goodness from the Poetry Friday community here.

Collage created by Linda Mitchell


  1. Carol, I love your summer poems. "slip sliding in peace" is a lovely line. It's very nice to imagine that your granddaughters are building lifelong memories of you and your gardens and "true essence" of the season. I wrote a poem from the same prompt that Fran did and I changed the lyrics from Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts to write a silly poem about corn roasting in the summer.

    1. I am back from the dip in the pool (very hot here-hit 100) and will slip slide my way to your summer poem.

  2. Such lush poems you created! Perfect for summer.

    1. Thank you, Mary Lee. I am looking forward to the slow-down days of August.

  3. love your memories and how they stir the senses. I have memories of those library walks too. Wonderful!

    1. Linda, I do believe that my library walks set the stage for my reading & writing life. I am glad that you shared memories of your library walk.