Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Firework Magic

There is a magical effect to fireworks shooting into an indigo sky on a warm summer night. I imagine most people have witnessed this on the Fourth of July but let me relive my experience. A soft glow settles over the lake as it prepares for the festivities of an exploding night show. 

Pontoon boats and kayaks circle the lake as the night sky surrounds. With a gentle tug, party lanterns float into the air skyward prior to fireworks exploding with multicolored sensations.  

Excited hoots and applause from viewers follow with each burst of shooting light as a crescent moon nods with delight. Sparkling patterns burst into the darkness from one end of the lake to the other. The brilliance of multicolored patterns emerges.

As darkness covers the sky, sparkly lights go off with a boom, creating a dramatic contrast.

The star of the nighttime show debuts with a puff cloud of brilliant circles of billowy sparkles.
dazzling fireworks
dart into evening sky
pop, whizz, sizzle
like popcorn kernels bursting
showstopper entertainment
©CV, 2022

I hope everyone spent a relaxing day with family and friends on the Fourth of July as I did.

It's Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers and I am grateful for this international meeting of writing friends.


  1. Carol, fireworks are especially magical when reflected in a lake. Your poem captures the energy and sound - and what impressive photos! Sounds like you all had a wonderful celebration. We do have so much to celebrate.

  2. Carol, there is something magical about fireworks...the flashes...the colors... the booms. We don't have a fireworks display here on the 4th of July. Instead, ours is at the end of the annual Fireman's Carnival which is held in the middle of June. We live across the street from the park so we and look out our dining room window and see the display each year.

  3. You have truly captured the magic of fireworks with your beautiful, descriptive language! We also watched fireworks over water this year, although not as close-up as it looks like you were. It was a beautiful sight!

  4. Lovely descriptive details and the pictures greatly enhances this moment.