Monday, December 12, 2016

Writing Soothes the Soul

This month, a group of blogger/poets have been involved in writing to soothe our souls using the hashtag, #haikuforhealing created by Mary Lee Hahn

Yesterday, Catherine Flynn wrote a haiku alerting East Coast residents that snow was starting to fall in her area. That meant Long Island would be next according to the forecast. Sure enough, shortly after I saw Catherine's tweet tiny slivers of snow, almost invisible, started to hit my windshield. They were miniscule but snow nonetheless, so I created this #imagepoem in response to Catherine's haiku. 

wintery gray sky delivers on its promise:
fat flakes start to fall 
©Catherine Flynn, 2016

#haikuforhealing #commonplacemarvels 

My response:

I followed up with another:

it crept in slowly
watching its own descent
vanished in the night
©CV, 2016

This morning, I marveled at what I saw and wrote again.

snow touched upon earth
leaving faint trails to follow
rain took over reins
©CV, 2016

Today, life was busy so writing took a backseat until now. When I saw Irene Latham's tweet, peace was found and writing flourished. 

little poembird sings
peace - this end of autumn night
quiet requested 

It is amazing how writing soothes my soul at the end of day when the hustle and bustle of life took precedence. Can I encourage you to create alongside Mary Lee and her community of writers this month?

Please visit Two Writing Teachers because it is Slice of Life Tuesday. 

Peace to All!