Sunday, August 3, 2014

Celebrating Possibilities Through One Little Word: Openness

It is interesting how one little word (OLW) can change your outlook on life. In January when the bloggers asked which word would guide your path I decided upon openness. Being resolute in purpose to shift, reflect, and redesign a course of action, this OLW became my portal to a year of possibilities. Today, I not only honor the journey of life and learning that I have traveled this year but focus on my most recent week of celebrations.

As 2014's weeks unfolded, doors opened to noticings, wonderings, and possibilities. I became acutely aware of my surroundings and opportunities offered in positive and negative spaces. One simple word became a beacon, guiding my footing as surely as the fuzzy caterpillar that intersected my summer path years ago. For a brief moment, I stopped to muse on the caterpillar crossing that tickled my finger as a child.  Life's movements were noted in the here and now back then.  My adult eyes now see nature's simplicities differently. Perhaps, the caterpillar's parade was a prelude to its metamorphosis. If questioned would it have said the following? 
Step lightly! Observe your surroundings! Avoid distractors! Celebrate the destination! 

Months have passed since the word openness became my guide to possibilities. Some weeks seemed more celebratory than others but this past week marked a momentous occasion-38 years of marriage. To celebrate, a jaunt to New York City was in order. 

Anticipating what the "city" has to offer is always an exciting prospect. Driving into Manhattan on a clear day provides a panoramic view of a skyline that is breathtaking no matter how many times seen. Warm sunshine, teeming crowds, clomping hoof beats, shoes pounding, and honks beeping in syncopated motion are sights and sounds illustrating the pulsating beats of a city alive with possibilities. From Restaurant Row, to Broadway, through Times Square, and off to Fifth Avenue by way of Bryant Park and the NYC Library, I marveled as though this was the first traveling of an eager tourist. I took in the offerings, savoring each as a delectable bite of perfection. When the day came to a close, exhaustion and sore feet could not take away the splendor of what New York City has to offer.

It is fitting that this blog post is filled with the word celebrations. Four times in the course of two days have I engaged in positive offerings: a birthday outing to a movie with friends, a pop-up of Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week site, a Sunday morning "Spiritchat" Twitter chat on "Celebrating Community with Combustion," and a relaxing yoga session in which I was able to reflect in stillness. These events plus my 38th anniversary outing have opened my heart to the importance of celebrations. For their spontaneity and simplicity, I am grateful.
Thank you to Ruth Ayres for starting a link up to celebrate the week's highlights. 
You can view the Celebrate This Week's offerings here.

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