Saturday, August 9, 2014

Celebrating Life on Long Island

Children Frolicking at Jones Beach, Long Island, NY
August 5, 2014

This is the 2nd week that I have participated in Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week. I would like to thank Ruth for focusing on reasons to celebrate life before I begin to write. 

Sunshine cast a warm glow over Long Island this week, making spirits soar as July turned into August. Meteorologists cheerfully broadcasted the unusual weather pattern. Temperatures in the low 80s were reported, not the usual dog day heat of past years. Beaches were packed with frolicking children and adults were either surfing, bathing, or relaxing in the sun. Lifeguards' were on careful watch as high tides with rough undercurrents swept in and bounced shorefront beachgoers off their blankets and chairs. But this did not seem to stop swimmers from jumping in the ocean as the waves came close to shore. 

Back in my neighborhood, streets were filled with people interested in celebrating the good weather. Walkers had a sprint to their stride; bicycle riders traveled in pairs; children shouted as they played ball. Even the dogs were barking to a beat and one of the best spectacles of the week was a free parkway for traveling~clearly something to celebrate on Long Island. 

During this past week, I found myself pursuing activities that celebrated family, friends, and life. Now that the week draws to a close, I think of these summer days as gifts to be remembered - heartfelt memories that will flow in and out of my mind similar to the movement of high tide that I witnessed at the shore.  

Celebrate August as an:

Awesome summer month that
Ultimately, is the last hurrah of summer with
Grand summer memories locked in hearts as it
Ushers in back-to-school times and
Sharpens our awareness of fall
That makes us want to spend more summer days thankfully building memories.

DigiLit Sunday
After learning of the tool Tapestry from Margaret Simon, I decided to try to create a digital poem. My product is a modest attempt and will be posted to Margaret Simon's DigLit site where other posts about digital literacy will be collected. 

The link to this slideshow is
Just tap and see 3 slides.


Since I thought I lost my first slideshow, I tried a 2nd one but I still need to practice to perfect my skill at creating digital stories. You can decide which presentation is the better 1st attempt.

Let's hope this can be viewed.

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