Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Captures My Heart While Work Waits

Have you ever just desired to linger in the moment and let the world pass you by? For me, this summer has been a perfect example of living life this way. With the help of Mother Nature Long Island has been the perfect place for relaxing, reflecting, and recharging. Moderate temperatures and sunshine-filled days have been the backdrop for the showcasing of New York's south shore Long Island beaches and seaside spots. Gardens have flourished! Boardwalks and trails have been filled with walkers, joggers, and bicycle riders interested in finding peace and balance with a mix of daily exercise. Outdoor cafes have been frequented. What more could you ask for? Even storms and power outages have not dampen the mood. Upon reflection, I can say that summer has been my time to listen to the earth's calling and live from the outside in while work waits for the in between hours.


While musing over all of this and taking frequent jaunts to the beaches to watch the waves sparkle and play their oceanic games, I noticed a delightful poem in a aged book (1928), Poems of Youth Verse for Junior High School by Alice Cooper. As I leafed through this treasure the following poem spoke to me about the mood I have been in as of late. I wondered what the students from the late 1920s thought as they read this poem. Were they daydreaming about the sounds and sights of nature while in their classroom? (The poem is the first entry in the chapter titled "The Magic World.") After reading this poem, I found in the back of the book a section called "Study Helps."

Here are the author's questions to guide the discussion about the poem:

Would the same things which called the poet to go into the magic outdoor world lure you?

Why did he go laughing?

...and so I go laughing into the world today but taking out some time to do my work. I rather sit and muse about life to let the day drift away but there are things to do and places to go as I prepare for my professional development programs and family visits next week. 

Enjoy your weekend and life!

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