Sunday, August 17, 2014

DigLit Sunday: Integrating Technology with Storytelling

It is DigLit Sunday and this morning while conversing with the #spiritchat community during their Sunday morning Twitter chat all power in the house was cut off. What a quirky occurrence to happen just when I was ready to pen my DigLit post. Technology does have its glitches but offers so many fantastic connections for literacy integration. 

For the past week, I have been playing with the Tapestry tool that Margaret Simon, DigLit Sunday's host, introduced me to. Last week was my maiden voyage with the app. 
(Please note that you have to tap each slide to advance to the next one.)

Last week and this week's offering is similar to a PowerPoint presentation but so much easier to create. I have been supporting an amazing educational opportunity in Uganda, Bigger Than Beads. My blog post, Creating Hope From Paper, provides the background with a poem created from the photo of a Masese child that was sent to me. Today, I am attempting to unfold a story based on the post. Since I am a novice with this app, I welcome all comments and support to hone my skills at integrating technology with storytelling. 

You can find the Tapestry story, Creating Hope from Paper, here

And so the story unfolds slide by slide...

My second digital feat this week was to create a button for the REFLECT WITH ME Galleries that I posted here for March Madness and here for April Awakenings. Since I am so fond of mixing images with thoughts I decided that this button would be an appropriate one to represent the artistic expressions from across the world that are housed in the various galleries. The Summer Serenity Gallery will be unveiled at the end of this month. 

Travel over to DigLit Sunday for this week's offerings
that should be posted soon.  

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