Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Slice of Time

Dear Summer,
July turned the corner to August and left me thinking about fleeting time tonight. Revelation: life moves on despite the "agendas" I have for it. Reality: I still want to hold on to the notion of what the summer season should be: a time to reflect, relax, and recharge with blissful days at the beach, a quiet reading on a lounge chair, pure enjoyment with family and friends, and solitary writing time. 

So in my attempt to continue my summer wishes, I stopped looking at my task list sitting on my computer. I thought I could accomplish this without any glitches until I heard a doorbell buzzing noisily. Startled by the unexpected distractor that broke my thoughtful writing time, I jumped off my chair and leaped up the stairs as I would if my alarm clock woke me from a restful sleep. At the top of the stairs,  I found my front hallway cast in a darkness. An eery sense of foreboding struck me and then I realized one of my top task list priorities had been forgotten. Oops! "Wait!" I called out into an empty house, stumbling for the door.  Since my house was covered in total darkness there was no night light to lead me to the door. But wasn't it still early - 8:30 pm? A blanket of darkness lay over the scene and all I heard was my husband waiting for me at the door. Relieved that it was a familiar voice, I fumbled to open the door trying to make light of the fact that I had forgotten to turn on the outside timer. Such an ironic scene!  I was sitting in light downstairs in my office when the outside world was feeling the newness of August's shortened days. 
Time and tide wait for no man.
Geoffrey Chaucer
New Revelation: 
August has arrived so I need to mix in some household tasks before summer nights become even shorter and still hold on to summer dreaming, sunshine days, and lazy, hazy times of renewal. 
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