Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Back to School Inspiration to Spark Energy and Positivity

Today, I woke with a feeling of hopeful expectation, still feeling the flow of positivity from last night's NYEDChat. Great energy set the backdrop for positive vibrations that rippled through the conversation. The topic, beginning the school year on a positive note, was just the right touch for those educators seeking a bit of inspiration. So it is natural to feel a sense of exuberance this morning. This type of a feeling cannot be matched but a short poem may be the right expression for my daily writing challenge. I dedicate the words swirling in my mind to the committed group of practitioners who joined the chat about positivity last night.
The school year approaches
with hands outstretched
waiting for an artisan
seeing vibrant colors
splashed across a 
blank canvas
to create 

to the easel
carefully choosing 
colorful hues tframe 
a year of vibrant colors
showcasing passion of craft. 

Created by Carol Varsalona 2014
With a collaborative spirit may you create a bright canvas for active learning this year!

"The greatest impact on teachers is a collaborative culture."
Michael Fullen

Join the Slice of Life community of writers today to read a variety of slices. 

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