Friday, November 28, 2014

Farewell to Fall

Last week, I walked among variegated leaves that danced in the sky around me. This week, nature painted the earth with marshmallow hues. As I watched in awe at the changing scene, Dean Martin's song, "A Marshmallow World," kept humming in my head. Being in Syracuse, Central New York for the holiday, one could expect snow to make its appearance for Thanksgiving, but I have not seen this phenomenon in recent years and was not ready for the entry. 

For several reasons I wrote the poem, Fall's Transition, that you will find below. First, I was surprised by nature's urge to close the fall season in such an expressive way. Secondly, I am collecting all of the Finding Fall Gallery submissions and will gear up to start building the collection. I decided to write a final poem to bring to mind the changing nature of the autumn season and wrap up the autumnal poetry collection.

For those still interested in submitting their perspective on finding fall, please send in an original poem and photo by the end of the first week in December so that I can prepare the gallery collection for its unveiling before the official end of fall.

While at NCTE 14 last week, I had the good fortune to attend a workshop with Irene Latham and Amy Vanderwater. Before the workshop began, I was able to meet in person several of the other Poetry Friday writers. Take a look at the "ussie" photo below. Do you recognize some of the faces?

Now, stroll over to Carol's Corner for the Poetry Friday Round Up. Carol wrote an original poem about her family and how good life is. 

I hope everyone had a relaxing and happy Thanksgiving.

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