Sunday, November 2, 2014

Heart-Mapping to Uncover Emotions - DigiLit Sunday

The merriment of Halloween night was recollected the first of November when the rains came and washed away the last remnants of October. On such a day, my mind wandered to remember past Octobers. 

To make the most of recollections, learners can capture their moments in prose or poetry through the use of a Heart Map. Georgia Heard created this approach to allowing thoughts to flow freely in the act of writing. Questions posed on the heart map will encourage deep reflection. 

Suggested Heart Map Questions

Each section can be in a different color and blocked off. 

Capture the heart maps digitally for all to see. 

Heart maps allow for thoughts to flow from a place inside. 
They can be a source of inspiration.
Here is the result of my heart map that was created with PicMonkey and Word tools. It is written today on All Souls Day as a remembrance of past Halloweens with my mother. She loved to celebrate Halloween with her grandchildren and the neighborhood children.


Now it is time to stroll over to Margaret Simon's Digi-Lit Sunday blog site where you can find an example of a presentation using an app, Powtoon. 

I am intrigued by this format so in the weeks to come I will try to get acquainted with the new tool. Until then, enjoy finding your memories that are stored in your heart. 

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