Thursday, November 13, 2014

Difference Maker

Yesterday was a day of aha moments starting from an early morning drive across Long Island to a professional development program that I was presenting. Although a fog was predicted, I found  the ride to be pleasant as I viewed the different hues across the highway. November's glow was definitely present until I almost reached my destination. As I traveled closer to the BOCES training site, I was transported into a mystical type of  a fog that hovered over the highway and onto the streets of Wheatley Heights. The gray mist surrounded me and erased the colorful autumn morning. On the Sirius station a song called Autumn Dream was playing. I mused. Am I entering an alternate universe that changes life so quickly? I needed to capture that moment to write about it later, so I stopped to take a photo. 

Later last night, I popped onto Twitter to join a few educational chats. I found this tweet from a Twitter buddy. A conversation ensued that left me thinking about our journey in life. 

These several aha moments percolated in my mind overnight and I was led to create this poem for Holly Mueller's call to write for Spiritual Journey Thursday. As you can see, I wanted to place emphasis on the fog that I entered but the original photo did not capture the depth of what I saw. The edited photo, using PicMonkey, allowed me to capture the essence of what I experienced and become the perfect backdrop for my thoughts. 

Reflecting back on what Wade said, I note that joy is present in life when we listen to the Divine Voice. Here is some wisdom from Revelation 3:20 to strengthen this thought. 

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. 
As the Difference Maker of life, the Lord can open the door for us to join Him on this path.

Below, you can listen to NeedtoBreathe's song/video, Difference Maker but if you want clarification on the meaning behind the song, please go to Holly Mueller's Spiritual Journey Thursday site to listen to NeedtoBreathe's interview. At Holly's blog you will also find link ups to other writers' viewpoints on the topic of "Difference Maker."

(Since I was unable to write a post for Margaret Simon's DigiLit Sunday, I am providing the contrast from an original photo to an augmented one to illustrate the power of digital platforms, in particular the online photo editing service I use, to provide a spark for a writing experience.) 

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