Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Strength

How often do we crash when sudden, tragic challenges come our way? 

It is part of the human experience to do so, but there is a way to circumvent a reeling downward spiral that sometimes happens when untimely, critical issues intersect everyday life.  

Last Sunday, one of the cathedral priests delivered a message to the parish that resonated with me. When a challenge arises, see it as a change in life, not the end point. These words reminded me that strength can be derived from faith in the Divine Lord when we are in the midst of chaos. This is not an easy task when faced with deep sorrow but it is a necessary one. 

Life filled with misery and distress is a lonely place. With conviction we can slowly move out from the edge of darkness into the light knowing that strength is provided to us from a loving Creator. Last weekend's homily rang with a a message of hope in the power of the Divine to support us, especially when life's challenges make the burden heavy. 

Life is fragile and changeable. We must listen to the Divine Voice to push through the issues, challenges, and tragedies that befall. With a mindset that is open and a heart willing to hear the message of faith and the promise of hope, we can recover from every fall, hardship, and trauma for the Lord is our strength.

While writing this post, I heard of a sudden and tragic incident that occurred to a friend's family, proving that life is indeed fragile and changeable. The conversation took my breath away so my thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I know that words cannot override the grief during this time of need, but I can ask that the family be covered in grace and held in the hands of love.

The Lord is Our Strength

Isaiah 33:2
O Lord, be gracious to us; we long for you. 
Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.

When the Spiritual Journey Thursday topic was chosen, little did I know how relevant it would be this particular week. Although faith in the strength of the Lord is an important daily pursuit, deep faith is needed in the face of tragedy. May there be a message of hope that life has just changed not ended for those who suffer and the feeling that they will be uplifted and provided strength in their days to come. 

Thank you to Holly Mueller the facilitator of Spiritual Journey Thursday, who created this week's topic, The Lord is My Strength. It is as though the Lord spoke to Holly to choose this topic for us all to examine. 

While searching for additional material about strength, I came upon this poem, published on March 5, 1836, in a daily devotional post. "The poem is a testament to the authors trust in God and the strength He provides to get through each day and each trial." (,

"as thy day, so shall thy strength be" 
          by Lydia H. Sigourney

"as thy day, so shall thy strength be."
When adverse winds and waves arise,
And in my heart despondence sighs,
When life her throng of care reveals,
And weakness o'er my spirit steals,
Greatful I hear the kind decree,
That "as my day my strength shall be."
When, with sad footsteps, memory roves
'Mid smitten joys, and buried loves,
When sleep my tearful pillow flies,
And dewy morning drinks my sighs,
Still to thy promise, Lord, I flee,
That "as my day my strength shall be."
One trial more must yet be past;
One pang, the keenest and the last;
And when, with brow convulsed and pale,
My feeble quivering heart-strings fail,
Redeemer, grant my soul to see,
That, "as her day her strength shall be."

by Lydia H. Sigourney © 1999 Papercut Press, Inc.

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