Friday, November 7, 2014

What If? Poetry Friday

What If? is my second attempt at writing a zeno poem that was inspired by the November 3, 2014 #NYEDChat conversation set in motion by moderator Daniel McCabe. As the #NYEDCHat co-moderator for the night, I wanted to respond to the topic, The Homework Deception, in a creative way. Hence, I wrote, revised, rewrote, and then decided on the graphic to pull the format together. Before the poem was made public, I called on a connected educator to critique the format. Who better to ask advice from than Michelle Heidenrich Barnes, who collected and showcased zenos during the month of October? Michelle responded quickly, in between her daughter's dance class and son's karate, and gave me the thumbs up to "go for it." I also asked Matt Forrest who has written many original zenos to look over the What if? zeno poem. Matt also responded favorably so I let the zeno fly during the chat. 

If you would like to view the flow of conversation on "The Homework Deception," you can access the transcript here. The chat was fast-paced and engaging; participants tweeted responses to thought-provoking questions posed by Dan McCabe. Much to the moderators' delight, the #NYEDChat convo was reported to be trending on Twitter. There is power in being connected. 

Flyer created by Tim Needles

Now please stroll over to Random Noodling for the Poetry Friday Round-Up. Today's host is Diane Mayr who has a magnificent picture and posting of the November skies.  
REMINDER: I am gathering original poem and photo combinations that depict the theme "finding fall" for the Finding Fall Gallery. Information can be found here. I am excited to showcase the work that has been coming. 

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