Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Face-to-Face Meet-ups at NCTE 14 Lead to Forever Professional Friends

Slicers enjoying a morning Book Swap
with Margaret Simon, Julieanne Harmatz,
Fran McVeigh, and Tara Smith
There is nothing better than meeting up with a connected educator in person. First time moments are sheer joy. Eyes meet eyes and bear hugs spontaneously happen as a genuine greeting of friendship. When you connect via social media there is a bond that forms. Lives are shared. Learning is exchanged, and friendship is developed, but when there is a meet-up, the friendship is solidified.

It is quite an interesting feeling to have an online acquaintance meet-up. I have experienced many such "aha moments" this past week at NCTE 14. To the right are my Twitter buddies, now face-to-face friends, with whom I met up with and spent many stellar moments at NCTE 14. 

These lovely ladies are slicers, poets, and friends who make me smile as we learn together on line or write as a community for Slice of Life, Poetry Friday, DigitLit Sunday, Celebrate This Week, or Spiritual Journey Thursday. Margaret Simon, Julieanne Harmatz, and Fran McVeigh have even joined me as REFLECT WITH ME writers for my global galleries of artistic expressions. You can view their poems in the latest gallery that I unveiled: Summer Serenity Gallery.  Tara Smith will join us in future galleries. 

Two Writing Teachers'
Presentation at NCTE
As the weeks unfold, I will tell more stories of NCTE 14 and how it affected my learning and the growth of my PLN. For the time being, let it be known that slicing is now part of my language and life. I am grateful for The Two Writing Teachers' community of learners who have broadened my scope. Thank you, Stacey Shubitz, Dana Murphy, Betsy Hubbard, and Tara Smith for opening doors to an enriched writing collaborative and for a first time warm greeting at NCTE. (I am sorry that I did not take a photo of our first meet-up.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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