Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Midday Walk

Midday heat swells and envelops.
Wildflowers proudly guard paths
To salute the sun.
Life celebrates summer!

Summer celebrates life.
The sun salutes wildflowers, 
proudly guarding paths
and swelling in midday heat.

I pause along the way
to listen, to watch.

I taste the salt,
Residue from midday's heat 
that kissed my face.

Then, continue to walk
with nature at my side.
©CV, 2016

The winding walkway to the top of the preserve was a heated one today. As I walked, I noticed; I wondered; I shared my amazement with my husband and son. Was it because of the heat or the sights that I found myself lingering in the nature preserves grounds, stopping to capture the beauty of the landscape? 

As I walked further, I found each bend opening its arms. Guardians of the path stood erect waiting for viewers' accolades. Nature's beauty was evident. Today, earth boasted of a summer day as it painted an impressionist view of the preserve.

My slice of life is a bit late, but memories of my midday walk remain fresh in my mind. Please visit Two Writing Teachers here to read what other slicers wrote. 

I consider my walk to be a mini-summerscape from routine. How do you spend lazy summer days? If interested, re-create your summerscape moment digitally. Information is here.

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