Tuesday, August 30, 2016

When Ideas Get Stuck

In the messiness of the creation process, persistence allows for ideas to percolate. The end product is as tasty as a fresh brewed cup of coffee, so I savor creation moments. Did you ever notice that sometimes ideas percolate without coming to brew or they don’t even emerge? In the stuck stage, we need to find ways to allow ideas to gel and flow once again.

What Gets Ideas Stuck?

Mind clutter prevents us from letting ideas flow.
  • There may be too many thoughts spinning around in our heads each day.
  • To do tasks may be mounting.
What Hacks Can We Use to Relieve Mind Clutter?
  • Finding your pause button: In feeling the tension between what is and what can be, stopping to be still for a few moments helps.
  • Breathing in: Ideas need space to breathe, to circulate, and find a landing pad but first the mind needs to be free. Find a focal point. Breathe. Deep breathing settles the mind.
  • Yoga: In yoga class, we are asked to push aside all ideas that enter our space and steer us away from focusing. We are asked to become one with the space around us.
  • Walks: A walk in the neighborhood or at the beach may be just the right approach to lure you into a peaceful state.
Scattered thoughts can clutter our minds so a few moments spent in quiet contemplation, listening to the sound of our breath, are welcoming. At these times, space opens and releases closed quarters of thought. New clarity may be achieved and a renewed spirit regenerated.

  • Self-help hacks come in handy only if we really practice them. Sitting in stillness in a minimalist space or walking at the beach allows the pause button to declutter my mind and draw me into the moment. 
  • Being one with self is an awakening.
  • Releasing "stuck" thoughts restores creativity.

I'm off to pause, breathe, release my thoughts, and move on.
Are you ready to join me?

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