Monday, August 8, 2016

We Live Our Thoughts

Within the spaces of our days,
we notice and wonder;
listen and converse.

Thoughts enter our mind,
become visitors in silence-
swirling in open space.

We watch them surface,
sharpening their edges
as pen touches paper.

At that magical moment,
words become real.
We hold them in our hands;
inhale their fragrance;
savor their taste;
digest their intent.

Within spaces of communication,
our words become an experience,
a single voice living inside.

We live our thoughts;
connect with them;
release them into the sky.
©Carol Varsalona, 2016

A slice of life came from deep inside tonight longing to be released into the universe. From a single thought, a stream of words formed into text that linked with digital design to create We Live Our Thoughts

Oftentimes, we do not linger in our thoughts, mull them over, and try to make sense of them among the rush of daily life. At other times, we feel our thoughts residing in our heart and living as a breathing voice that seeks a home. It is at this time, heart writing time, that we become one with our thoughts. Writing from the heart is an act of reflection and release. Have you ever thought of writing in this way?

Please visit Two Writing Teachers where colleagues are slicing about their small moments as thoughts meet page. 

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