Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer's Voice

Summerscapes, summer mini-cations, can be found near and far from home. While I favor mini-trips to the Long Island shores, Central New York State in summer is a beautiful sight.

I like the feel of the road as summer meets country.
Bountiful fields of wild flowers line the curbs.
Blissful sights continually appear:
endless red barns, cornfields, grazing cows, 
and ice cream stands tempting passerbyers 
to stop for a luscious taste of summer.
Fresh produce and hand-carved furniture 
pop up along the way,
while a quaint Victorian house, 
surrounded by a wild garden,
peeks out to say hello. 
Life is not as I know it 
along these country roads of 
once-traveled Erie Canal towns,
until a familiar sight appears: 
beach signage, luring me to stop for a
quick nod to summer and the capture of a
delightful summerscape moment or two.

Summer’s voice echoes across peaceful ripples
gently swaying life to slow-down mode-
the lake responds with quiet beauty.

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday at Two Writing Teachers. I am adding this post along with other slicers to honor the art of writing. Please visit the site here.

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