Saturday, August 13, 2016

Savoring Summer Days

They're here! The lazy, hazy days of August wrap themselves around fond memories of my summerscape moments. 

Summer on My Mind

I taste the salt on my lips, 
turbulent seawaters' seasoning. 
I feel the sun beating on my arms, 
peeling splotches of sun-beaten skin.
I hear laughter in the waves and
Seagulls dancing before their 
Descent upon discarded food.
I notice and watch days pass,
Filling my heart with summer.
In the quiet moments
Of sunset, I savor
Time before the next memory 
Is built.
                              ©CVarsalona, 2016

On the dog days of August, I celebrate a winding-down mode with back to school in sight. I leave you to your own daydreaming mood, as you sift through your summerscape moments. If inclined, please share them with a global audience. The invitation can be accessed here

I "Celebrate This Week" with Ruth Ayres each weekend. Please visit the site here to find out how each writer has celebrated the positives of his/her week. 

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