Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Counting Syllables

Writing is an ever-evolving art that surfaces when voice meets page. The process does not stop there for revision is what writers do to fine tune their work. 

This month, Michelle H. Barnes at Today's Little Ditty has challenged teachers, bloggers, and writers to write a septercet. You can access the link here. Since new forms are interesting to me, I tried my hand at composing a septercet but nothing surfaced until I stood at the precipice of Grand Canyon's Eagle Point last week. My original post can be found here. Since it spoke of nature as a theme, I navigated through the writing process to make a tighter connection to writing as Michelle requested for her padlet extravaganza of septercets. Hence, I needed to count syllables once again to fashion a new septercet.

Within the pages of my mini-notebook, words floated in a space that waited for thoughts to be fashioned and revised. The Grand Canyon view below that I captured and Google Photos enhanced, provided the inspiration to recreate my original poem for the septercet challenge.

Beyond the depth of grandeur,
I scan the canyon's expanse
to uncover its true essence.

Words float in the grand abyss
in penned, striated patterns
waiting for thoughts to appear.

Against hues of umber stone,
an autumnal dance of words
lends a poetic tribute. 

Writing unites with nature
as silent stillness hovers
under morning's warming sun.

With nature's speechless wonders
as guide, the journey begins.
Writing the world emerges.

©CVarsalona, 2016

Each Tuesday, Two Writing Teachers offers space for bloggers, writers, and educators to capture a small moment in time. I offer this piece as part of my Las Vegas family trip series.

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