Friday, September 9, 2016

Summer Moved On

Summer moved on 
as school days became the norm.
Summerscape moments floated on by 
as smoky clouds hovered over distant shores.
Lifeguards moved on 
as beaches folded their umbrella stands.
Swimmers moved on
as they traveled back to their daily lives.
While we can't tag along 
as summer passes on,
we can hold summerscape moments
in our hearts. 
©CV, 2016

Summer Moved On by Ah-ha 

Summer moved on
And the way it goes
You can't tag along.

Moments will pass 
in the morning light. 
I found out seasons 
can't last and there's
Just one thing left to ask,
Stay. Don't just walk away 
and leave me another day.

Summer moved on.


While I can't ask summer to stay, I can linger in its memories as I gather the digital offerings for my summer gallery, Summerscapes.

Please visit Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's blog here for the Poetry Friday Roundup where Amy is celebrating Happy Poetry Friday with her poem that is part of Janet Wong's and Sylvia Vardell's new anthology, YOU JUST WAIT, for middle school students.

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