Monday, September 26, 2016

Celebrating Travel

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” 

Traveling brings life to the spirit of adventure. As an entry point into a rich experience, travel allows for a break from everyday routine. It can be an awe-inspiring trip with breathtaking views of the world that crosses time zones or it can be a simple turn-around journey to local sites. 

Call of Nature
Last week, I felt the call of nature when I traveled to Las Vegas. From this point I traveled with my family to the Grand Canyon fulfilling one of my bucket list wishes. Upon arrival at Eagle Point, I was taken aback by the grandeur of the moment. In the immense vastness of the canyon that laid before me, I was struck by it as an amazing striated wonder of the world. Standing in front of the Point was one of those life moments for me that left me speechless. 

Coupling this with the augustness of the 360 configuration at Guano Point, the next destination, I found inspiration at the Canyon, appropriately called grand. 

Within the pages of my mini-notebook, words floated in a space that waited for thoughts to be fashioned.

Content Creation
From inspiring moments at the Grand Canyon, photos were captured, snippets of ideas jotted, a draft composed, and a digitized image designed for later writing.

Nature's majesty unfolds
beneath glaring midday sun.
A silent stillness hovers.

In the expanse of fashioned rocks,
earthtone hues reflect wonder,
hewn by the Creator's hands.

The grand expanse is witnessed.
A striated world unfolds
at Eagle Point's landing ledge.

Clouds roll by in wonderment.
Eyes search for a stone eagle
in this arid stretch of land. 

Beyond the depth of grandeur,
I scan the canyon's rock walls
to find its expansive wings.

Chatter breaks through the stillness.
Cameras click; scenes change.
Hurried movements distract life.

But solid rock formations
stand tall in true testament
of nature's speechless wonder.
©CVarsalona, 2016

I celebrate traveling as a total mind, body, spirit adventure with: 

  • Ruth Ayres and her Celebrate This Week community. You can visit that site here.
  • Catherine Flynn, the host of Poetry Friday. That site can be accessed here.
Traveling was a fulfilling experience but one delayed the unveiling of my Summerscapes Gallery. Stay tuned for the announcement of the summer global global gallery. You will be in awe of its many offerings from around the world. 

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