Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Story Unfolds

The passing of summer to back to school time has been celebrated for years by my family and friends. Each Labor Day, we gather together to mark the passage of time. We bid summer good-by with a toast, a barbecue, and lots of well wishes. Similarly, at nearby beaches, summer leaves its mark as the sites close for the season. The ritual begins with lifeguards and families transitioning from surf and poolside to life outside summer.

Last night, Mother Nature rewarded all those who gathered at The Rockville Links' club lawns for the annual Labor Day barbecue with a magnificent sky show. Unbeknown to all who attended, a surprise awaited. Instead of pelting rain at the hands of Hermine, the storm turned out to the ocean and the skies were ablaze with color. 

The evening crowd was dazzled by the pastel hues before us. The photo opportunity was exceptional and so unexpected that I shot away with my friend and others. 

Mother Nature gifted us last night and so I share the evening's warmth and sparkle with all of you, if you care to linger in the summertime mood. While the calendar shows that we still have a few more weeks to the summer season, the Labor Day crowd transitioned to another state of mind. 

At Two Writing Teachers, Slice of Life Tuesday is being celebrated. You can find a lovely digital inspiration that set off the tone of the writing for the day. While I anchored myself into a comfortable slicing stance, the image of what I saw last night called me to let the story of the passing of summer vacation unfold. Please visit TWT here to read what other slicers are writing. 

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