Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ignite the Wonder

With back to school life already in progress, many teachers are still wondering how to ignite students' passion to learn.

Last night, #WonderChat discussed the topic #IgnitetheWonder with Georgia Heard, Jen McDonough, and Kristie Ennis. Here are some thoughts from last night's moderators.

Because wondering is at the heart of inquiry that leads students on their journey of becoming wonderers and meaning makers, I pose this question:

What can be done to strengthen classrooms so students can continue to be curious, investigative learners?

Steps to Build Curiosity-driven Classrooms:
  1. Take on the stance of a reflective teacher 
  2. Collaborate in positive environments 
  3. Question the hows of motivating learners 
  4. Believe in the act of wondering as an essential component of inquiry
  5. Recognize teachable moments 
  6. Gently guide students to find their own paths of wonder that lead to further exploration and discovery
Mantra for Young Noticers and Wonderers

Image Poem

Continue to #IgnitetheWonder and guide students toward new discoveries daily. Happy Wondering!

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