Friday, April 14, 2017

Invitation to Springsations

"It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart."
-Rainer Maria Rilke

As troubadours of nature, I cordially invite all to join me in announcing the springtime season in bold, vibrant techno-colors for a new, sensational gallery of nature's handiwork

As the earth announces springtime with warm weather,
I invite all to uncover and capture the beauty
of the sensational springtime season.

Be carefree. Let your passions take over as you capture the whimsical side of nature that awakens the soul, re-energizes the spirit, and revitalizes life.

Springsations Gallery Awaits Your Offerings!

As in any fashion event, a mix of styles, a splash of color, and verve are needed.

What Else?
  • Be creative. Capture the splendors of springtime through an original photo or drawing. You can also choose a free image from,, or 
  • Write an accompanying poem or poetic expression.
  • Superimpose your words on the image using a photo editing tool, like FotoJet, PicMonkey or Canva.
  • Sign the digital composition with your name and location.
  • Save it in jpeg form (450 pixels is the best size) and send your jpeg offering to @cvarsalona at gmail with the subject heading, Springsations 
  • Post your work on Twitter under the hashtags: #Springsations and @cvarsalona.

Other Creative Options You Can Submit: 
  • A short video with a poem using iMovie or Animoto
  • An audio reading of your poem using SoundCloud, etc.
  • A collage of springtime
  • An original inspirational quote or one from a poet or philosopher about springtime
  • Original photo or artwork (any format) of springtime

Please make sure that all submissions have your name and locale at the bottom.

Deadline for Submission: May 20, 2017

Still Not Sure How to Begin ??? 

You can refer to last year's gallery, Spring Seeds, here to find mentor texts.  


Student Voice for Springsations Gallery

Please encourage your class and/or students to engage in this artistic creative writing project to amplify their voices and showcase their artistic talents.

This invitation extends the experience of writing poetry beyond National Poetry Month because poetry is a year-round endeavor of creative expression. The project is open-ended and integrates the arts, technology, and literacy. Have fun creating poetryliscious poetry.

Today, the Poetry Friday Round-up is at the blog site, Dori Reads, of Doraine Bennett, children's book author. There is a special give-away of Janet Wong's and Sylvia's fabulous book, Here We Go: A Poetry Friday Power Book (a personal favorite of mine).

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