Sunday, April 2, 2017

Seasonal Change

As I walked on the boardwalk today, I realized what I wrote yesterday is evident today: Moments in time transition with each seasonal change. 

From March to April, I noticed a change at the boardwalk and wondered why it was important to me. I decided to look at the contrast and similarities to explore the topic "Why Are We Doing This", posed by Margaret Simon for DigiLitSunday

Reflecting on a March day 
at the Long Beach Boardwalk on Long Island:

Picture this April day at the same boardwalk:

It's boardwalk Sunday-
A crystal blue sky, 
Seagulls sweeping by, 
Children out to play,
A beach time soiree.

What do you notice in the digitals? What do you wonder about? Why are these questions important? How do the questions about the digitals impact your thinking? 

I pause to ask myself "Why do I create digital inspirations and write poetry?" As a wonderologist, nature and small moments in life spark my curiosity and ignite creativity. 

-I notice and wonder about what I see.
-I observe and examine life and find positivity in its gifts.
-I celebrate the small moments with the eye of a photographer.
-I explore life with the poet's pen to experience the full potential of the possible.
-I share my findings so that others may find their voice and be immersed in the process of creating. From that act inspiration and joy flows.

The Journey:
Celebrating life poetically with a positive outlook is a pathway I travel to explore life and learning. Beyond the digitals, I create global galleries of artistic expressions as a means to connect voices from around the world and to share the love of poetry through the wonders seen.  

Projected Thought:
A creative, joyful environment where process and voice are honored is a haven of learning. 

If ALL students could view the world with creative eyes and curious minds, then their learning spaces would be filled with passions they wish to explore. Choices would be offered, inquiry paths sought, and process-driven results the offshoots. "Messy learning" would become a positive within their grasp as they grapple with creating content not just taking it in. 

I will be celebrating the month of April with poetryliscious poetry and a soon to-be-announced spring gallery. 

These digitals, as part of my Poetryliscious Poetry collection, will be offered to Laura Purdie Salas for her National Poetry Month project, #wonderbreak. 

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