Friday, April 14, 2017

Poetry Cubed

Poet/author friend Matt Forrest created a new writing challenge that he featured at Poetry Friday. It is called "Poetry Cubed" and includes the following requirements:

-Use the 3 images provided as inspiration to write a poem - any form, any genre, any number of lines, rhyming or not. Remember, it doesn't have to be very good - the mantra around here is to #WriteLikeNoOneIsReading! This is all about having fun and spurring creativity.
-The only hitch is that you need to include a reference to all three images in the poem - either via concrete imagery or something more abstract.

Steps in My Process: When I read the requirements, I was intrigued and wondered where my mind would lead me. Of course, the first instinct was to see Matt photo prompts in a digital collage format. That recreation was enough to start my word weaving process. Thinking back on my childhood and teenage days, I created a poem titled, Reminiscing.

Invitation: Since these words are first thoughts, I decided to go along with Matt's hashtag, #WriteLikeNoOneIsReading!, but you are reading so you can comment.

Final Reflection:
I really like the way the digital composition fell into place. It might be more of a striking visual if I left the words off and place them below the image. Once you see the two images, you can decide if you have a preference. 

Silver screen moments,
Decades past,
Bloomed bright
Against dark skies.
Eyes riveted on
Drive-in delights-
Children's popcorn,
Teen's first kiss.

©CVarsalona, 2017
This image poem is part of my #poetrylisciouspoetry collection for National Poetry Month 2017.

I am not sure if DigiLit Sunday created by Margaret Simon is meeting this Sunday, but I wanted to let the writing community know of Matt Forrest's challenge. It is a fun activity for #digipoetry writers. 
DigiLit Sunday

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